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    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

  Fastest Time to visit 245 countries: Benny Prasad set world record

 BANGALORE, India--Benny Prasad, 34, from Bangalore in India, a Solo Guitar
Instrumentalist, has traveled to 194 Sovereign Countries,Benny Prasad world record holder 50 Dependant Countries & Antarctica thus 245 countries, 7 Continents in 6 years, 6 months & 22 days from May 1, 2004 to Nov. 22, 2010 - setting the new world record for the Fastest Time to visit 245 countries.

(enlarge photo) 

  The previous Guinness world record for Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries was set by Kashi Samaddar (India), who visited all 194 United Nations member countries in 6 years 10 months and 7 days.

  At 19, he discovered that he had the talent of
Benny Prasad world record holder music and started to pursue it.

 (enlarge photo)

  In 2004, after designing the World's First Bongo Guitar – "BENTAR", he suddenly shot up to fame.

   Benny Prasad has performed on this unique guitar to many Presidents, Parliaments, Universities and even prestigious events such as the Olympic Games-2004, Fifa World Cup-2006, Military World Games-2007.

   Today he chooses to travel & share the journey of Hope to the Hopeless all over the world, from the least in slums, old age homes, to prisons, war zones, Military Bases, Parliaments etc.

   Benny has lived a simple life and spent less than 140,000 USD in order to
Benny Prasad world record holdercomplete his travels to 245 Countries (even though he has repeated many countries).

 (enlarge photo)

   He stayed with families in every country he has visited but for a few exceptions e.g. North Korea.

   Even though in many Third World countries it's almost impossible to travel without paying bribes, he has been able to travel to every nation in the world including every African Country without ever paying a bribe, even once.
   Often he has been detained at borders & sometimes sent back, but he never paid extra.

   He says: "I would rather give up my concert than my character.
If everyone takes a stand like this, then we will see corruption slowly vanish."

  Guinness World Records also recognized The Youngest person to travel to all sovereign countries: Maurizio Giuliano (Italy / UK; b. 24 February 1975) had visited all 193 of the world's sovereign countries by 20 February 2004, when he was 28 years 361 days old.

   According to the Guinness World records, The youngest person to travel all seven continents is Vaidehi Thirrupathy (UK, b. 6 May 2008), who completed her journey aged 205 days on 26 November 2008 in Antarctica.

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  Tuesday, January 4, 2011

 [World Record Certificate
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- Justin DeBree


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        Youngest to solo airplane and helicopters