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    Travel world record set by Oliver Kern

[March 15] VANCOUVER, Canada-- Oliver Kern, international ski resort tester of Skiresort Service International skied in Japan, the USA and Canada - 3 ski resorts in 3 countries on 2 different continents on 1 day on both sides of the Pacific.

  Mr Kernís latest feet began at 6:10 am when he woke up in the New Otani Hotel Naspa in Japan. He was on the slopes skiing at Naspa Ski Garden within 15 minutes!
  (enlarge photo)

   By 8:33am he was on the train to Tokyo but disaster struck at noon at the airport when the planned flight was delayed by three and a half hours due to bad weather.

   However an alternate flight to Seattle with United Airlines was organised and departure finally took place at 4.390pm. Thanks to crossing the international dateline, the flight arrived at 7:38 am the same day.

   After nearly two hours for immigration Mr Kern left the airport in a rental car at 9:45am and arrived at,

   The Summit at Snoqualmie at 11:15am, skiing there until 2:15pm. The drive to Canada then began, arriving at Canadian immigration at 5:01pm.

   Kern then battled through heavy traffic conditions in Vancouver to arrive at the base of the Grouse Mountain tram at 7:22pm. On his arrival there were about five meters of snow, it was foggy with snowfall and strong winds but by 8:35 p.m. all of this was behind him when he rode all of the open ski lifts and he achieved a new world record.

   Oliver Kern has already set two other World Records by having previously skied on both sides of the Atlantic in one day and having skied all 52 lifts in the Austrian Skiwelt on one day.

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