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  Sunday, October 25, 2009

 Longest journey on mini-bikes-world record set by
Ryan Galbraith and Chris Stinson

  STURGIS, South Dakota, USA--Ryan Galbraith and Chris Stinson set off from Denver, Colorado and travelled 445.2 miles to Sturgis, South Dakota over 25 hours and 29 minutes of riding their 49cc mini-bikes-setting the world record for the  Longest journey on mini-bikes

Averaging 20mph, the guys and crew endured the journey and established a new world record classification.
   (enlarge photo)

   To apply for an official world record, the two required an accurate and tiny personal tracking device to record their route and time.

   “We could not have completed our world record attempt for the  Longest journey on mini-bikes without AnyDATA’s tracking solution and our other sponsors,” commented Ryan Galbraith.

   “AnyDATA provided a log file and breadcrumbs map that validated our record longest journey on mini-bikes. Since we were on mini-bikes, we had to extremely limit what we carried,” he added. “The APT-210 is so small and light, I hardly noticed it was in my pocket.”

   “We are pleased to support this world record for mini-bikes using our innovative tracking solution,” said Dr. Soon B. Shin, CEO of AnyDATA.
   “By providing the technology to help Ryan and his team go for their world record, AnyDATA demonstrated we offer a simple, yet powerful tracking solution for motorcyclists, bikers, or anyone travelling from home.”

   The APT-210 won first place for product innovation at the 2009 CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) awards. The LBS tracking solution provides personal freedom and safety for elderly adults, children, or pets who may tend to wander. The tiny device features an alert button triggered by the user that immediately notifies a monitoring service or the caretaker. It can even track indoors.  
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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