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  Wednesday, August 5, 2009

  Longest rickshaw ride by a team - world record set by Simon Etkind and Lianna Hulbert
 LOWESTOFT, UK  -- Cambridge graduates Simon Etkind and Lianna Hulbert, both 24, set off from Land's End on June 29 and completed their trek in Lowestoft after travelling 932 miles-setting the world record for the Longest rickshaw ride by a team.
   Simon, from London, who has just graduated in medicine, confessed that their rickshaw - also known as an eco-chariot - had drawn more than the odd curious glance from passing motorists on the last leg of their journey along the A12.
   (enlarge photo)

  He said: We have generally stayed off busy roads but most people have been happy to see us. They were a bit rude in London but everywhere else they have been very nice.

    The couple, who are due to marry in October, had only the comfort of a two-man tent to rest their aching bones in most nights

    Simon and Lianna, whose family comes from Woodford in Essex, are confident their world record for the Longest rickshaw ride will raise more than 1,500 for the charity Action Village India.

    Simon said: We have both travelled in India and were inspired by the grassroots work undertaken by the charity, for example in education and helping to set up businesses.

  Lianna said: "In India pedaling a rickshaw is a hard earned living. "Its the knowledge that what we're doing might help lift some people out of poverty that will keep me going as I pant and sweat towards the finish line.

Ryan Vardy, director of EcoChariots, which has lent Simon and Lianna their rickshaw for the Longest rickshaw ride, said: "Rickshaws are an environmentally friendly and fun way to travel - they attract attention and interest wherever they go. I'd really love to see one of my EcoChariots set a world record."

Simon Etkind and Lianna Hulbert, who are getting married later this year,  celebrated the end of their four-week record attempt for the Longest rickshaw ride between Britain's most westerly and easterly points with lunchtime fish and chips on the beach.    

 Anyone wishing to sponsor Lianna and Simon can contact Action Village India on: 020 7247 6406, or visit:

 Ivan Nutbrown, the co-ordinator of AVI said: "Just like our partners in India, Lianna and Simon show boundless energy and enthusiasm to make things happen and make a positive difference. Action Village India is really grateful to Lianna and Simon for taking on this record-setting journey to raise money for disadvantaged people in some of the poorest parts of India."

The couple can still be sponsored via their website,

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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