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  Wednesday, July 29, 2009
  Longest unsupported Arctic journey-Emirates NBD Greenland Quest sets world record

  MacCormick Fjord, Greenland --British team leader Adrian Hayes, along with teammates Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe reached their finish point at the head of MacCormick Fiord near Qaanaq, Greenland, after a 67-day, 2648 miles (4262 km) journey across the full length of Greenland-setting the world record for the Longest unsupported Arctic journey.
   Photo: Devon McDiarmid, left, Adrian Hayes, middle, and Derek Crowe reached the finish point of their expedition late Saturday.
/ Emirates NBD Greenland Quest (enlarge photo)

    Their arrival capped off a 67-day journey across the full length of Greenland: from the Atlantic coast in the south, up to the northern Arctic coast, then west to MacCormick Fiord, on the Baffin Sea coast to the northwest.

   Much of their expedition involved crossing the inland ice cap that covers 85 per cent of the country a task that Hayes said was particularly gruelling in the last 10 kilometres toward the finish.

  Adrian Hayes, a former Gurkha officer, used wind to power his kite-skis as he made the 2,200-mile trek in just 67 days, beating the previous record of 1,400 miles held by British explorer Alex Hibbert.

Mr Hayes, 49, and his Canadian team-mates Derek Crowe and Devon McDiarmid also became the only three men in history to vertically cross Greenland.

 "It's been a really difficult and challenging expedition, particularly mentally. We have never been able to take anything for granted and have had so many unexpected things descend on us throughout... But the sights we have seen were completely awe inspiring," Hayes said.

 Completing the journey unsupported meant Mr Hayes and his team received no food drops and made no visits to towns and settlements en route.    

  He said of the trip: "It's been a really difficult and challenging expedition, particularly mentally. "Every aspect of the trip was sustainable. We lived, ate and slept in an area of 7ft by 2ft in our tents. We lived off three litres of water per day and relied on both solar and wind power, with nothing going to waste.

    "We had no resupplies of any kind for two months and no doctor on call, yet, we've ended this trip completely healthy.Sustainability isn't about going back to living in caves but being responsible, smarter and sensible."

   In the final phase of their journey, from the JP Kocks Fjord to Qaanaq, the end destination of this Emirates NBD Greenland Quest - Atlantic to Arctic 2009, the explorers used snowkites to move themselves along faster when the wind was strong enough, and pulled their sleds when the wind died down.

    Already a Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest man to complete the "Three Poles" travelling to the North and South Pole and then reaching the summit of Everest Adrian Hayes wanted to use his latest expedition, the Emirates NBD Greenland Quest, to highlight the impact of climate change and the importance of sustainable living.

   "We knew all the facts and figures about the amount of water melting from the ice cap but when you actually see it gushing and cascading down, it really hits you."

    You can see photos of and read all about this incredible journey, during which the team has seen the melting Greenland ice cap up close and personal, in Hayes blogs.

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   Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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