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  Fastest around the world flight-world record set by Caroll Ann Garratt and Carol Foy

  ORLANDO, Florida -- Caroll Ann Garratt and Carol Foy, who have family members diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, circumnavigated thw world in eight days-setting the world record for the Fastest around the world flight .

   Photo:  During the flight they named 'Dash for the Cure,' donations flooded in. They have raised more than $150,000. Money continues to come in, which Foy said is worth more than the world record.

 "Flying has been one of the most wonderful, best things I've ever done for my life," said Foy standing outside her airplane hanger.

   The previous record of 11 days was set in the mid-80s.  

   Fatigue after landing in Hawaii extended their trip from seven days to eight. It was there they picked up some comfort food to compliment their fruit and power bars.

   "The macadamia nuts ended up being our celebratory food," said Foy. "So, whenever we would pass a milestone or something good happened, we'd toast each other with a macadamia nut."

   They arranged fuel deliveries at seven stops along the way, and took turns sleeping. The longest stretch lasted 23 hours from Hawaii to Guam. Encouraging emails kept them going.

   "They would be so inspiring and just so heartfelt that we knew we had to do it and we knew people were watching and we really really hoped people were donating as well," said Foy.   

   Sub-class : C-1c (Landplanes: take off weight 1000 to 1750 kg)    Group 1 : internal combustion engine
   Speed around the world, Westbound : 186 km/h
   Date of flight: 11/12/2008
   Pilot: CarolAnn GARRAT (USA)
   Crew: FOY Carol M. (USA)
   Course/place: Orlando, FL (USA)
   aircraft: Mooney M-20J

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

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