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    Friday, March 9, 2012

  Fastest Cake Car: Carey Iennaccaro and Mike Elder sets world record (Video)

 KANSAS CITY, USA--Carey Iennaccaro and her partner, Mike Elder, had their cake car, which is edible save for the tires, aluminum chassis and brakes, made it up to 28 mph when Iennaccaro strapped on a helmet and drove it down Wyandotte Street
, setting the world record for the Fastest Cake Car, according to World Record Academy:
world's fastest cake car Kansas City  Photo: Chef Mike Elder of Black Sheep Custom Cakes built this 90% edible "cake car" 1930's Indy car replica, and Chef Carey Iennaccaro of Sprinkled With Sugar Custom Cakes donned the chocolate helmet and set the Land Speed Record for an edible vehicle at 28 MPH. The cake weighed 716 pounds, 70 pounds of which was the chassis pan, steering, brakes and wheels. The rest was cake - including the seat cushion! (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the tallest cake pyramid measured 1.74 m (5 ft 8.5 in) and was achieved by MTR Rzeszów International Fair (Poland) in Rzeszów, Poland.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the longest roll cake; it measured 115.09 m (521 ft 11 in) and was made by Shotengai Shinkokumiai Takasaki Chubu Meitengai and Takasaki Chuoginza Shotengai Shinkokumiai (both Japan) in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan.
  Carey Iennaccaro and her partner, Mike Elder, said their car had to be made of 95 percent edible materials and make it to at least 10 mph to break the Guinness World Record at KC CakeFest in Kansas City, the Kansas City (Mo.) Star reported.

   The pair said their car, which is edible save for the tires, aluminum chassis and brakes, made it up to 28 mph when Iennaccaro strapped on a helmet and drove it down Wyandotte Street.

  The pair said they wanted to remove the public perception reality shows have created about cake bakeries being full of nastiness and bad attitudes.

 "We're all a little fed up with how the world thinks we are cutthroat and negative," said Iennaccaro, assistant cake artist for the project and owner of Sprinkled With Sugar in Olathe. "We're all about having fun."

   Elder, owner of Black Sheep Custom Cakes in Clinton, Mo., said the impetus for the drivable cake project, was his other love: building cars.

 "The people on 'Cake Boss' claimed that they were going to set the record for the world's fastest cake, but their car went to pieces," he said. "So we plan to do it with the guidelines from Guinness World Records."

   The charity event created by cake artist Mike Elder benefits the Whole Person, a nonprofit center for independent living that connects people with disabilities to the resources they need.

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Friday, March 9, 2012 4:12 PM

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