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   Largest Tiramisu - world record set by The Italian Association in Porrentruy

  Saturday, October 31, 2009
  Largest tiramisu-world record set by French chefs
 LYON, France--French chefs rustled up a 2,367 pounds (1,075.92 kilograms) tiramisu at a food festival in France-setting the new world record for the Largest tiramisu.

   Photo: Measuring the world's biggest tiramisu during the third edition of a chocolate and taste fair in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. / AFP photo  (enlarge photo)

A dozen pastry chefs worked through the night on the Largest tiramisu, with an ice rink set up specially at the fair in Villeurbanne near Lyon to keep it chilled.

   The giant recipe used up 300 kilos of mascarpone, 60 kilos of cream, 192 of sugar, 180 of boudoir biscuits, 4.8 of cocoa powder and 12 kilos of chocolate.

    Chefs also cracked in 72 kilos of egg yolks and 108 of whites -- the equivalent of 4,000 eggs -- as well as 120 litres of water, 9.12 of coffee and 18 litres of marsala wine.

   Weighing in at 1,075.92 kilograms (2,367 pounds) the Largest tiramisu-- which means "Pick me up," or "Send me to heaven" in Italian -- was officially logged as a new World Record.

   The French tiramisu -- which will be dished up and sold to raise funds for charity -- takes over from the previous Guinness world record for the Largest tiramisu, held by Switzerland for a 782.4 kilo dessert.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

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