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     Monday, October 5, 2009

 Largest Tripe Soup: Scandia Sibiu
 BUCHAREST, Romania -- During the “Bucharest Food Festival”, “Scandia" Sibiu cooked a 279.49 US gallons (1058 liters) pot of “Traditii” tripe soup – setting the world record for the Largest Tripe Soup.
  “Eight Chefs have cooked it for seven hours. They worked hard, but is was worth, as we established a world record for the Largest Tripe Soup," said the organizer of the event.

  (enlarge photo)

   "It is a traditional dish, that people do not prepare often at home."
   "The 1.058 litres that we prepared (over 5.000 helpings) were eaten in no time” – explained the chef who supervised the preparation of the Largest Tripe Soup.

   “This type of dish – the tripe soup – has been in the Scandia portfolio for ten years and the Romanians are devoted consumers. Due to this, our sour soup range increased and we have four types of soup at present. After setting the world record for the Largest Tripe Soup, we hope to become renowned worldwide”, declared the Scandia representatives.

   “We were glad because we established the world record for the Largest Tripe Soup, but also because the visitors ate heartily our soup” said the Chef.
    The ingredients for the Largest Tripe Soup:
   - 420 kilograms of beef tripe
   - 150 kilograms bone joints
   - 50 kilograms of carrots
   - 50 kilograms of onion
   - 50 kilograms of celery
   - 35 kilograms of red peppers
   - 35 kilograms of vinegar
   - 10 litres of oil
   - 100 litres of sour cream
   - 8 kilograms of salt
   - 500 grams of pepper
   - 10 kilograms of garlic
   - 1.400 eggs

Tripe Soup around the world
You may have known, for example, that many Americans use tomato juice and eggs to cure the aftermath of a long night out on the town. But did you know that in Romania they use tripe soup? As in cow's stomach tripe? Tripe soup is also a "cure" in Mexico, where it's called menudo.

Beef tripe (a part of the cow's stomach), which certain white Americans raise an eyebrow at in Chinese restaurants, is also eaten in various part of Europe:
    - from France, we have Tripes a la mode de Caen, a recipe that uses tripe AND calf's feet;
    - then there is baked tripe from Ireland;
    - and Soupa Patsa (tripe soup) from Greece

   Tripe soup is a specalty along the Black Sea coast. Mexicans believe that tripe soup (Menudo) cures hangovers.

   Tripe soup (skhembe chorba) takes as its basis the thick lining of the cleaned stomach of cattle, prepared with milk and seasoned with vinegar, garlic and hot peppers. During the Ottoman yoke, the sultans allegedly preferred tripe soup made by Bulgarian cooks.

  Perhaps in 20 years, dishes such as kielbasa (sausage), flaki (tripe soup) and golabki (stuffed boiled cabbage leaves) could rival chicken tikka masala and crispy duck on our shopping lists.

  "The huge demand for Polish delicacies in Britain has overwhelmed us to the extent that we have exceeded our original expectation by tenfold," said Tesco's Polish food buyer Kaska Teofilak.

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   Monday, October 5, 2009

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