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     Friday, September 24, 2010
  Largest King Cake - Haydel's Bakery sets world record

  NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA--As part of an event to raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer research, The New Orleans Saints teamed up with family-owned Haydel’s Bakery to create a giant cake weighed in at 4,073 pounds that wound around the Superdome which sets the new world record for
the Largest King Cake.

    Photo: The world's largest king cake surrounds the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The king cake is so big it covers 500 tables and goes around the Superdome twice.
  (enlarge photo)

 Haydel's Bakery created the
Largest King Cake in The World; in fact, they created two cakes that went all the way around the Superdome.

The previous Guinness World record for the largest king cake was a Houston entry coming in at 3,000 pounds.
Judges from Guinness measured the new record not by length, but by weight.

The carnival icon, decorated in black and gold sprinkles, stretches around the Superdome twice.

The outer king cake broke the original record held by a bakery in Houston, and the inner king cake broke the outer king cake's record.

   Measurements: 5,300 feet long, 8,688 lbs.

   Danish Flour: 4,000 lbs;
   Yeast: 286 lbs
   Eggs: approximately 428 dozen
   Water: 1,178 lbs
   Flavoring: 8.925 gal
   Icing: 2, 087 lbs  
   Sprinkles: 331 lbs
   Cinnamon Sugar: 299 lbs 
   Vegetable Oil: 70 lbs

     Taking three days to bake and over six hours to assemble, bakers said the
world's largest king cake measured 5,300 feet in length.

    Set up on 500 tables, the cake was covered in black and gold sprinkles. Haydels' is the official bakery of the New Orleans Saints.

Visitors were invited to buy tickets to win prizes including the grand one, a shiny new Chevrolet truck.


Ryan Haydel said that the plan was for the pieces to be six inches, but they may end up being 11 inches instead.

 Funds raised from the sale of the
Largest King Cake in The World go to cancer research for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Officials are hoping to raise $50,000.

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   Friday, September 24, 2010

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