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  Largest cream tea scone-world record set by Anne Tattersall
  DEVON, UK -- Anne Tattersall ordered to local bakers Nick, Amy and Mary Lovering and Simon Clarke a 100lb (45kg) cream tea which sets the world record for the Largest cream tea scone.

    (enlarge photo)  

   Mrs Anne Tattersall said: "It tasted absolutely divine, exactly like the smaller ones." She added that they had put the cream on first, followed by the jam. "That's the way I've always done it, but there was some really serious debate going on," she said.

Robert Wiseman Dairies donated 35lb (16kg) of clotted cream for the scone, which was also spread with 20lb (9kg) of jam.

The scone weighed more than 100lb (45kg) and Mrs Tattersall had to commission a purpose-built tray and cutter, built by Alco Engineering.

Anne Tattersall made the record-breaking attempt as part of the Lovemydevon competition, in which three finalists are battling it out to win £10,000 by promoting the county.

 Mrs Tattersall is hoping that her Devon cream tea will draw national attention. She said: "I'm trying to encourage people to see that we don't do things by halves in Devon. There's more to see than cream teas, but the cream teas here are the best."

  Previous world record:
Biggest scone-world record set by The Hallett family

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 

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