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  Tallest pancake stack-world record set by Sean McGinlay and Natalie King   
  GLASGOW, UK  -- Sean McGinlay and Natalie King of Glasgow’s Hilton Grosvenor hotel measured their pancake tower (containing 672 pancakes) at 29.5 inches (75cm)-wich sets the world record for the Tallest pancake stack.

   Photo: Chef Sean McGinlay with his world-beating pancake stack (enlarge photo)

 The stack of pancakes used up 100 eggs, more than ten litres of milk, five kilos of flour and three kilos of butter. It yielded 672 pancakes, the stack of which took 22 hours to build.

    General manager Stuart Nelson said: "It was a bit shaky towards the end but somehow we managed to pull it off. Special thanks must go to Sean McGinlay and the kitchen team, who have spent a great deal of time this week perfecting their pancake recipes and stacking techniques."

The previous world record for the (free-standing) Tallest pancake stack, consisting of 680 pancakes, measured 73 cm (28.7 in) and was made by Creperie COLAS (France) in Chateaugiron, France on 8 December 2007.

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