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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

  Largest Easter Bread with Cheese (“Pasca”): world record set by Radauti city  
  RADAUTI, Suceava, Romania – The town-hall of the town of Radauti displayed an “Easter Bread with Cheese” (“Pasca”) having 2.10 meters in diameter, being 10 cm tall and weighing 170 kilograms – establishing the world record for the Largest Easter Bread with Cheese (“Pasca”).

   Photo: The Largest Easter Bread with Cheese ("Pasca") was put in a wickerwork basket and placed in front of 'Pogorarea Sfantului Duh' (Holy Spirit Descent) Orthodox Cathedral in Radauti. (enlarge photo)

  The Mayor of the municipality of Radauti, Aurel Olarean, said: “We take part in a special event for the Municipality of Radauti, the homologation of the record for the Largest Easter bread with Cheese. We hope, by means of this record, to draw the attention of the tourists from all around Romania and from the entire world on our area.”

    Several dozen kilograms of flour, 45 kilograms of cottage cheese, 300 eggs and three kilograms of raisins were used for its preparation. “Ten people worked for ten hours to prepare the Easter Bread with Cheese”, indicated Svetlana Amariei, head of production at Mopan SA Suceava, the bread factory which prepared the product.
  “Its shape is round because this is what the tradition requires, symbolizing perfection, having a cross in the middle and a dough ring all around it”- stated Gabriel Flutur, head of service within the town-hall of Radauti, the project coordinator.
  (enlarge photo)
  “We are path breakers as there is no other Easter Bread with Cheese recorded in the Book of World Records."     
     The representative of the World Record Academy, who homologated this record, stated: “The World Record Academy homologates numerous cooking records, but the one done today has a special significance: the Easter bread with cheese ("Pasca") is the symbol of the Earth, of perfection. So much more as it is prepared here, in the legendary province of Bucovina!”   

   After having been blessed, measured and homologated by the representative of the World Record Academy, the huge Easter bread with cheese was cut and distributed to the believers who participated in the Resurrection religious service in “Pogorarea Sfantului Duh” (Holy Spirit Descent) Cathedral in the town of Radauti. (enlarge photo)

    The Largest Easter Bread with Cheese (“Pasca”) was sponsored by SC Mopan SA Suceava, Inox Prim SRL, Cooperativa "Munca Invalizilor" (Labor Cooperative of the Disabled) and SC Mara-Alex SRL.       

The two world records established by local authorities in the County of Suceava (the Largest Painted Easter Egg and the Largest Easter Bread with Cheese -"Pasca") are part of a series of manifestations organized within a tourism promotion program in the County of Suceava, entitled “Easter in Bucovina” and performed by the District Council of Suceava in partnership with the Archiepiscopacy of Suceava and Radauti,  the Ministry of Tourism and 40 town-halls in the county.

 The National Geographic Society, with a grant from the U.S. Governement, has published a Guide for Romania to promote tourism.
    (enlarge photo)
   The Guide "Traveler: Romania" contain details about main tourist attractions in Bucovina.
    For Christians, the lamb, the Easter bread with cheese and the wine are important symbols when it comes to the Resurrection: the Lamb symbolizes Jesus Christ, the Easter bread with cheese signifies His face and the wine symbolizes sacrifice.
  The shells of the eggs used for the “pasca” are thrown in a river. This action has two explanations. It is believed that the hens are protected this way of the hawks.
   The major explanation is, however, the ancient belief that the shells are taken by the river to the country of the Good People, announcing them the Easter has came.

   The Easter bread with cheese ("Pasca") is baked only once a year, on the Holy Easter. In some regions “Pasca” is also baked on St. George Day.

   A legend from Bucovina goes that the “Pasca” has been done from the times when Jesus was traveling to the world together with his apostles. They remained a night at a peasant house and when they left, he put food in their bags.
   The apostles asked Jesus when the Easter is and He replied that the Easter would be when they would find corn bread in their bags. Looking in the bags, they noticed the peasant had given them exactly corn bread, so that they knew it was Easter time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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