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   Animal world

Smallest Living Dog: 'Miracle Milly' broke Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Tallest living dog: Bentley The Great Dane breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Most expensive sheepdog: Bob the sheepdog breaks Guinness world record

Tallest female dog: Great Dane Morgan breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

   Loudest bark: Australian dog breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Smallest dog model: Hamilton Chihuahua sets world record (VIDEO)  

Smallest Puppy: Milly the chihuahua breaks world record (PICS & Video)

Longest Dog Catch: Rob McLeod and dog Davy Whippet breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Smallest Puppy: 'Beyonce' sets world record (Video)
Longest ears on a living dog: Harbor set world record (HD Video)

    Ugliest Dog: Yoda sets world record (Video)

    First Dog Kitchen: TrueFoodForDogs

    Most expensive dog: Red Tibetan Mastiff "Big Splash" (Video)

World's Ugliest Dog: Princess Abby    

     Fastest Skateboarding Dog: Tillman the bulldog 

     Smartest dog: Betsy

     Tallest dog: George

     Oldest Dog: Max the terrier

Tallest dog: Boomer

     Oldest Dog: Chanel   

First Survivor of a Recorded Blood Potassium Level of Zero: 'Little Man' sets world record (VIDEO)

Most Survivable Cat: 'Little Man' sets world record (VIDEO)

Longest Inflexible Object Swallowed and Passed Unassisted by a Housecat: 'Little Man' sets world record (VIDEO)

Oldest living cat: Corduroy breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

  Loudest purr: Merlin the cat breaks Guinness World records record (VIDEO)

Fattest Living Cat: Sponge Bob sets world record (PICS & Video)

Heaviest Living Cat: 39 Pound Cat sets world record (PICS & Video)

Oldest living two-faced cat: Frank and Louie sets world record (HD Video)

Most ears on a cat: Luntya The Cat (Video)

   Loudest Cat: Smokey The Cat (Video)

    Longest Cat: Stewie

    Tallest cat: Scarlett's Magic

    Oldest cat: Mischief


       Smallest land snail: Angustopila dominikae breaks Guinness World Records record

   Largest blue star sapphire: Star of Adam breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

      Largest oyster: Luxembourg family breaks Guinness World Records record

        Most wool sheared from a sheep: Australian sheep breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

       Oldest panda living in captivity: Giant panda breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

      Heaviest newborn lamb: Joan the lamb smash Guinness world record

     Largest wasps nest: 22-Foot Nest breaks Guinness world record

     Most Expensive Jersey Cow: Karlie the cow sets world record (VIDEO)

      Most expensive bull: Idaho bull breaks Guinness world record

      Tallest donkey: Waxahachie donkey breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

     Longest jump by a guinea pig: Truffles The Guinea Pig breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Most ducklings hatched: Oklahoma duck breaks world record (PICS & Video)

   Most milk produced in a lifetime: Canadian cow sets world record

    Smallest Reptile: Brookesia micro sets world record (Photos)

    Smallest frog: Paedophryne amanuensis sets world record (Video)

    Heaviest insect: Giant Weta sets world record (Video)

    Largest snake living in captivity: 25-feet long Medusa (Video)

    Largest crocodile captured: Lolong The Crocodile (Video)

    Smallest Chicken Egg: John Spencer Russell Egg

    Largest sand dollar: world record found by Augie Balicki

    Largest crocodile in captivity: Cassius (HD Video)

    Oldest living animal: 178-year-old tortoise

   Smallest Dinosaur: 'Ashdown Maniraptoran' Fossil

   Largest Fossil Spider: 165-million-year-old fossil

   Largest natural abalone pearl: Abalone "horn" pearl

   Longest recorded migration of any mammal: Humpback Whale

   Smalles Cow: Swallow

   Smartest monkey: Kanzi the 'talking' Ape

   Smallest Horse: Einstein the Horse

   Smartest Horse: Lukas the Horse

   Most ducklings hatched: mallard duck

   Biggest Rabbit: Darius the Rabbit

   Oldest Pig: Oscar the Pig

   Biggest Rabbit: Ralph the rabbit

   Longest Animal Migration - The Arctic Tern

   Largest genetically engineered trout: Sean Konrad

   Biggest bullock: The Field Marshall    

   Most expensive cow: Missy    

  Most expensive sheep: Deveronvale Perfection

   Longest snake in captivity: Fluffy

   Biggest Largemouth Bass: Manabu Kurita

  Largest Chicken Egg: China

   Oldest living rabbit: Hazel  
   Largest Snake: Titanoboa

   Largest number of bird species spotted: Alan Davies and Ruth Miller

   Biggest rabbit: Herman the giant rabbit  

   Oldest living animal: Jonathan the tortoise
  Largest school of sharks: the Dubai Aquarium

  Smallest snake: Leptotyphlops carlae

   Biggest Chicken Egg:'Titi'

   Largest Oyster: Richard Mesce

   Biggest yellowedge grouper: Heath Cataulin

   Giant Fluke - Monica Oswald

   Oldest living polar bear - Debby

   Biggest lingcod - Robbie Hammond

   Biggest Smallfry Smallmouth - Dylan Davis

   Largest fish caught on 1 kg line - Guy Jacobsen

   Biggest Giant Grouper - Nelson Shayne

   Biggest carp - Thailand

   Plant's world 
Most plant species grafted onto the same plant: China breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Longest cucumber: Keegan Meyers breaks Guinness World Records record

Tallest homegrown cactus: SDM College of Dental Sciences breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

World's first striped pepper: Asda sets world record

Tallest sunflower: Hans-Peter Schiffer broke Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Heaviest strawberry: Japanese strawberry breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Heaviest Pumpkin: Ben Meier breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Heaviest Onion: Tony Glover breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEOS)

Heaviest tomato: Dan MacCoy breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most chillies grown from one plant: Joy Michaud breaks Guinness World Records' record

Heaviest pumpkin: Tim Mathison breaks Guinness World Record (VIDEO)

Largest green pepper: Gigantic Israeli Pepper breaks Guinness world record

Heaviest onion: Peter Glazebrook breaks own world record

First one-ton pumpkin: Ron Wallace sets world record (VIDEO)

Largest floral arrangement: Vivel India sets world record

Heaviest cabbage: Scott Robb breaks world record (VIDEO)

Largest basil leaf: SuperCloset Hydroponics System sets world record (VIDEO)

Heaviest pineapple: 8.2 kilo pineapple sets world record

Largest Giant Rhubarb Leaf: Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Heaviest squash: Joel Jarvis (Video)

Heaviest onion: Peter Glazebrook (HD Video)

Heaviest swede: Ian Neale

Largest Fungus: Tropical Chinese fungus

 First all-black petunia: Black Velvet

   Largest maple leaf: Eve Steel

   Largest puffball: Finley O'Neill

   Largest Pumpkin: Chris Stevens

   Longest cucumber: Clare Pearce

   Smallest Waterlily:Nymphaea thermarum

   Most diverse repository of crop seeds: Svalbard Global Seed Vault

   Biggest Mango: Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan   

   Oldest Living Palmer's Oak: Jurupa Oak 

   Tallest Zinnia: Everett Wallace Jr. and Melody Wagner   

  Tallest living Christmas tree: Coeur d'Alene

   Smallest orchid: Lou Jost

   Largest maple leaf: Hailey Nickolson    

   Most tomatoes grown on a single truss: Graham Tranter

   Tallest rose bush: Robert Bendel

   Largest pumpkin: Christy Harp

   Heaviest gooseberry: Bryan Nellist
  Tallest Cactus: SDM College of Dental Sciences 

   Largest rutabaga: Scott Robb

   Largest cabbage: Steve Hubacek       

   Longest Cucumber: Yitzhak Yazdanpana    

   Largest organic cucumber: Segee family   

   Largest potato: Khalil Semhat

   Largest rutabaga: Norm Craven   
   Most cobs on a maize plant: Mark Wozencroft
   Longest cucumber - Alf Cobb

   Largest marrow: Ken Dade

   Longest Spaghetti Bean: Toni Velardo  

  Longest water spinach: Li Hui

   Largest horizontal wall of flowers: Thompson and Morgan    
   Tallest Amaranth plant: Jesse Eldrid

   Oldest living tree: Swedish spruce
   Longest dandelion: Bjorn Magne

  Largest fresh water lake without an island-North Muskoka Lake sets a world record

         Tallest dog: world record set by Boomer

Biggest Mango: Sergio & Maria Socorro Bodiongan

       Tallest living Christmas tree: Coeur d'Alene

             Longest snake in captivity: Fluffy

                Tallest cat: Scarlett's Magic     

     Tallest Cactus: SDM College of Dental Sciences 

       Biggest Largemouth Bass: Manabu Kurita

                 Biggest Chicken Egg: 'Titi'