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  Oldest Dog-world record set by Chanel
 Port Jefferson Station, NY, US -- Chanel, a blonde wire-haired dachshund (born on May 8, 1988) has some cataract problems but other than that is very healthy and active-and sets the world record for the Oldest Dog.    

 Chanel has lived on an Army base with her mom for most of her life, which her owner says attributes to her long life. (enlarge photo)

   Born on May 8, 1988, Chanel is over 20 years old and going strong, according to Denice Shaughnessy, a retired Army veteran who now works in the principal's office of the Rocky Point Middle School.

   The Army mandates that dogs that live on base have to have their yearly exams and vaccinations.   

  The Army is "meticulous about it," Shaughnessy said, since with other pets around any maladies would quickly spread. "Shots every year" and veterinary checkups were standard operating procedure. Her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, says she would do that anyway because the dogs are like her kids.

  The Shaughnessys adopted Chanel in Virginia at 6 weeks old, and the German-breed dachshund spent almost six years in the country of its origin when the family was stationed in Europe in the early 1990s.

  The Shaughnessys have only had dachshunds, which Chanel has outlived. She now has a "kid" for a companion, Sasha, who is a mere 3 years old. Sparky, their former pet, passed away at 11.

Chanel's current veterinarian, Dr. Philip Zangara from the Roosevelt Animal Hospital in Port Jefferson Station says:"She is an old dog and an incredible dog," Zangara said. "It's amazing she can still walk." However, he added, "She's still got a head of steam when she comes in here."   

    Chanel lives with her owner and three year old sister that is a dachshund also at Port Jefferson Station.

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   Friday, February 6, 2009

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