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   Largest marrow -world record set by Ken Dade
 LONDON, UK -- Grown by Ken Dade, from Norfolk, the 65kg (113lbs) needed two men to carry it to a stand at the National Amateur Gardening Show in Somerset-and set the world record for the  Largest marrow.

    Photo: Ken Dade from terrington St Clement with the world's heaviest marrow.
  The world record marrow had benefitted from the wet conditions during the spring and summer. /
Sonya Dunca  
   (enlarge photo)

   The skin is craggy and dark, indicating it might not make the best offering at dinner, but it overtook the current world record by a whopping three kilos.

   Mr Dade, 70, said he had always grown food for his own table with his wife Sue, but honed his skill in breeding monster marrows as a hobby after retiring as an engineer at Masterfoods in King's Lynn 15 years ago.
   "It is still sinking in, considering it is the heaviest ever grown and it has been done by someone in Terrington," he said. "There is nothing else like it. It is like winning an Olympic gold medal."

   Mr Dade said there was no great secret to his success except years of experience and the superior soil drainage of the reclaimed marshland near The Wash.
Photo: Isabella Ng holds up the new world record breaker, which weighs 65k, at the Royal Bath and West Showground

   (enlarge photo)

   "You need the right seed, plenty of enthusiasm and a good dollop of luck, then you pray for the weather. "They need nice warm, humid weather and two hours rain twice a week. But you never get it ideal, you just have to ride the punches."

   Mr Dade said the seeds he had painstakingly developed for 20 years were now the envy of all his rivals in the cut-throat world of giant vegetable growing.

   "I cut one of my marrows open during the show and all the other growers flocked round - they're all after my seed now, you can't buy it in the shops. "I don't look back on my achievements, I look back on what I've learned. That's how you improve."  
   Saturday, September 6, 2008

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