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   Largest horizontal wall of flowers-world record set by Thompson and Morgan

  IPSWICH, Suffolk, UK -- The new world record for the Largest horizontal wall of flowers was set by Thompson & Morgan's seed company with a 200ft long wall of flowers containing more than 20,000 blooms.

  Photo: The largest horizontal wall of flowers is covered in 397 flower pouches containing the Busy Lizzie 'Accent' variety of flower, which is one of the company's best-selling plants. 
  (enlarge photo)

  Clare Dixey, of Thompson & Morgan, said: “We open our trial grounds to the public this coming weekend. “We always put on a magnificent display and always try to improve every year to make it better for our customers.

   “We decided to create a huge wall of flowers. When it came into flower, we thought 'wow' - no one had seen anything quite like it and we had an idea of going for the Guinness world record. “It looks absolutely spectacular. Whatever pictures are taken they don't do it justice.”

  Previously, it broke an existing record in 2004 for displaying the largest amount of potato varieties.

 Saturday, July 26, 2008  

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