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  Most tractors in a parade-world record set by Marion residents

[Jan 9]MARION,MI, USA--There were 241 tractors in the parade during the Marion Old Fashioned Days and they set a world record for the most tractors in a parade.
(enlarge photo)

   "We worked hard to get people here with their tractors and we had a great response-said George Johnson, Marion Old Fashioned Days coordinator.

   There were 26 communities represented in the parade. Communities represented in the tractor parade included: Grand Haven, Prudentville, Mancelona, hersey, Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Vassar, Manton, Fife Lake, Luther, Chase, Cadillac, Gladwin, South Boardman, Fountain, Alger, Reed City, Chippewa Hills, Boon, McBain, Falmouth, Tustin, Lake City, Evart, LeRoy, Harrison, Bristo, and Childrens Peddle Tractors driven by family and friends.It was a great family oriented event that was enjoyed by all.
   “It was one of those ideas that came up while we were having a cup of coffee,” said George Johnson.

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    We wondered what type of parade records there were so we looked online with Guinness Book of World Records. They had some for motorcycles, carriages and other modes of transportation but none for tractors. I couldn’t believe it.”
   Two youngsters peddle tractors during the Marion Old Fashioned Days tractor parade in August.
 (enlarge photo)
There were 241 tractors in the parade designated to set a world record for the most tractors in a parade.Photo: TANYA BERKEBILE | ADILLAC NEWS

Some of the interesting highlights of the tractor parade Saturday include (according to The Marion Press):
  -Richard Blackledge of Marion drove his father's John Deere tractor which was purchased from a Hohn Deere dealer in Marion in 1954;
   - Jim Ryan of marion had eight Minneapolis Moline tractors and one Ford tractor in the parade;
   - The Don Osak family of Lake City had seven family members in the parade, each driving a diffrent tractor;
  - The Salvati family from Morley had nine John Deere/Wheel Horse garden tractors in the parade;
   - Several local framers from marion, McBain, Flamouth and Lake City had multiple netries in the parade.
     The list of tractor parade participants,click here

       The list of participants at the
          world's largest tractor parade

Leonard Ahrens Alyssa Akin
Tom Baese Gordon Bailey
Artesian Springs Medical Clinic
Jeff Barlow
Cameron Bancroft Jim Baughan
Frank Beebe Tom Boese
Brent Benavides Brock Benavides
Linda Benavides Rick Benavides
Martin Blackledge Mike Blackledge
Richard Blackledge Chris Bonham
Trey Bode Mark Bode
Amy Bontekoe, Brant Bontekoe
Damion Bontekoe Doug Bontekoe
Isabell Bontekoe Katrina Bontekoe
Mack Bontekoe Mark Bontekoe
Mia Bontekoe Owen Bontekoe
James Borders Dale Brinks
Allison Brocht Brian Brocht
Ethan Brown Tom Brown
Ken Brueggeman Dave Bush
Charles Butler Larry Chamberlain
Ben Clark Kean Clark
Lester Crippen Len Dafoe
Aileen Dake Taylor Downing
Eron Duclon James Eash Jr.
Kari Edwards Debbie Edwards
Bryan Eisenga Bruce Eisenga
Darwin Eisenga Don Eisenga
Jamie Eisenga John Eisenga
Jason Eisenga, Tyler Eisenga
Junior Ellens Ray Faulman
Ellens Equipment Inc.
Fred Feikema
Homer Filey Ken Foster Sr
Bob Fitzpatrick Will Gasper
Jonathan Gillette Lorna Grey
Maria Gillette Mark Gillette
Rachel Gillette Keith Grandy
Gary Gunnerson Gary Hamel
Mark Hammar Chad Heckathorn
Roger Hamming Howard Heckathorn
Tammy Heckathorn Barb Heistand
Megan Helmus Dave Hendershot
Fred Heyd Carol Hill
Roger Hill Dave Hoekwater
LeRoy Hoffmeister Holly Holdship
Patti Holdship Dan Hollyday
Carrie Hose Brian Hower
Eric Husketh Calvin Hyzer
Beth Ashby-Hummel Cole Hyzer
Dennis Hyzer Jezalyn Hyzer
Ina Store Inc Mark Ingersoll
Alex Johnson Dale Johnson
Jim Johnson John Johnson
Bob Keen Lyle Johnson
Paul Johnson Preston Johnson
Rebecca Johnson Sam Johnson
William Johnson Dale King
Brian Kanouse Dan Kauffman
Sherry Kauffman Jack Keehn
Tony Klaunis Ralph Kornoely
Basil Kobiska Ethel Kobiska
Trudy Kroesing
Wyatt Lambert Stephen Larson
Dan LaChance Michael Leys
Darlye Laughlin Sr. Daryle Laughlin Jr
Ron Lloyd James Lloyd
Norma Linstrom Alan Lucas
Tim Lockhart Lee Lowing
John Louk John Louk Jr
John Lyon  
Feather Morales-Lowing
Norm Maneke Ernest Marsh
Clayton Martinson Brian Meyer
Nichole McCrimmon Mark Meye
McCrimmons Farm and Feed
Matthew McCallum  
Bernie McKering Richard Meyer
Todd Meyer Randy Munn
Bernard Meyering
Douglas Miszewski Jennifer Miszewski
Richard Moomey Thomas Moomey
Vickie Mosher William Mosher
Don Niver Tiffany Nowland
Daulton Neuman Moreka Neuman
Russ Newell Daniel Noordhoek
Zach Olson John Orvis
Patrick O'Riley Don Osak
Ken Pearson Lavern Pearson
Daryl Peterson Scott Peterson
Walter Phelps Rodney Philo
Paul Postal  
Cody Purtell Charles Purtell
Alexis Pylman Jim Pylman
Sidney Pylman Tim Pylman
Bruce Raymond Rowland Raymond
Quast Family-Muddville Farm
David Robinson Dee Robinson
Roger Roby Matt Roby
Jim Ryan  
Eric Salvati Braden Salvati
Josh Salisbury RudySalisbury
Bryce Salvati Matt Salvati
Michelle Salvati Reyne Salvati
Theresa Salvati  
Bob Seelhoff, Tana Seelhoff
Charles Shafer Connie Shafer
Ron Sikke Dean Smallegan
Lori Sluiter Margaret Sluiter
William Sikkema Wyatt Sikkema
Al Simon Tucker Sipe
Sluiter Jarid Smith
Brandy Smith Donald Smith
Al Sneary Robert Sprague
Jarron Stack John Stanhope
Chuck Stone Karen Stone
Harry Swank Sr. Julie Talaga
Carol Switalski Steve Ware
Louis Switalski Bob Timmer
Dale Toogood Kaitlyn Touhey
David Truxton  
Dale Ulrich Marlene Ulrich
Doug VanBuren Lorna VanBuren
Mark Venema  
Al Vandenboss Pete Vandenboss
Tim Vandenboss Larry Vanderhoef
Marlin Venema William Voelker
Lawrence Worth  
Voelker Implement Sales Inc.
Dale Wing Jim Weston
Danny Wilbert Wendall Wing
Stuart Williams Don Wonsey
Chrisha Zinger  


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