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 Soccer (Football) world records


  Most people bouncing tennis balls: Australia breaks Guinness World Records' record

  Longest table tennis rally: Max Fergus and Luke Logan broke Guinness World Record

  Longest tie-break: Benjamin Balleret and Guillaume Couillard set world record

  Longest singles tennis match: Sam Angel and Katie Martens set world record (Video)

   Fastest Tennis Ball Pass (Team): TyneMet College Breaks World Record

  Longest Singles Tennis Match: Carlo Santelli and Daniel Burns  
  Longest tennis coaching marathon: Andy Wheeler
  Most people bouncing a tennis ball: RPT
  Longest tennis rally: Ettore and Angelo A. Rossetti
  Longest table tennis rally: Andrea Holt
  Longest Tennis Match: John Isner and Nicholas Mahut

   Poker world records
   Longest poker game - Phil Laak
   Longest poker playing marathon - Dave Cain
   Largest Online Poker Tournament - PokerStars  

   Youngest poker champion - Joe Cada
   Largest cash poker tournament  

    Softball fastpich
    Longest softball fastpitch game - Caronno Rheavendors
    Longest softball game - Charlottetown softball players

Longest snooker marathon: UK players break Guinness world record

Oldest bowler: Jean Cowles breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Tallest Trick Shot: Chef Anton sets world record (Video)
Longest Marathon Billiards Match: Rikki Cunningham    
    Highest billiard beak: Peter Gilchrist
    Fastest Jump Shooter in Billiards: Rocky Lane

Longest Basketball Shot: Corey "Thunder" Law breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Largest game of basketball knockout: Grove City College breaks Guinness world record

Largest Game of Knockout: New Orleans fans set world record (HD Video)

Longest Basketball Shot: Elan Buller set world record (Video)

Most children dribbling mini basketballs: Green Hoops for Hope set world record (HD Video)

Highest Basketball Shot: How Ridiculous (HD Video)

Most basketballs dunked in a single jump: JaVale McGee (HD Video)

Lightest Basketball Shoe: The adiZero Crazy Light (Video)
Largest Game of Knockout (Basketball): Utah State University
Most halfcourt shots made in one minute: Charlie Vernon(Video)
Most halfcourt shots made in one minute: Eric Valentin
Largest game of knockout: George Washington University
   Largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament: Spokane Hoopfest
   Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player: Jaylin Fleming

  Most people dribbling a basketball: Indianapolis

Most free throws in two minutes: Bob Fisher

Most free throws in one hour: Mike Campbell

   Longest basketball game: Sibiu players

Computer Games

    Largest architectural videogame display: 'Cira Pong' breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   Most expensive video game: Grid 2 Mono Edition breaks Guinness world record

   Longest Q*Bert video game marathon: George Leutz breaks Guinness world record

   Longest Board Game Marathon: set world record (VIDEO)

  Largest outdoor Pong game: Atari sets world record (VIDEO)

   Longest Videogames Marathon Playing a Card Game: 30-Hour Videogame Marathon sets world record (VIDEO)

   Most in-game marriages in 24 hours: Rift sets world record (Video)

    Oldest Nintendo player: 100-year-old Kathleen Connell sets world record (Video)

    Largest Videogame Controller: British team sets world record

    Largest Working NES Controller: Dutch students sets world record (Video)

     Longest video game marathon on a FPS: Irish gamers (Video)

     Youngest Gamer to Achieve a Perfect Score on Dance Dance Revolution: Ryota Wada

     Most hugs by a mascot character: Super Mario Galaxy 2

    First to Throw a Perfect Game in MLB 2K10: Wade McGilberry

    Longest time spent playing a video game: David Scherer

    Longest LAN Party: CyberFusion 2009

    Longest continuous play of a single FPS: The Frag Dolls

   Most runs as no 11 batsman: Tino Best sets world record

   Longest serving cricket umpire: Dean Groves

   Longest cricket match - Blunham Cricket Club

   Highest cricket score in one-day match - Olly Hardaker

   Longest croquet game - Adams players

   Highest cricket score in one-day match - Olly Hardaker

   Largest Dodgeball Game: University of Alberta sets world record (Video)

Longest dodgeball match: Bedfordshire Bulls team break Guinness world record

    Largest dodgeball game: California University sets world record (HD Video)

    Largest dodgeball game: RIT students set world record (Video)

    Largest dodgeball game: University of Alberta

    Longest Dodgeball Game: Toronto players

    Largest dodgeball game - University of Alberta 


      Longest Golf Cart: Mike's Golf Carts breaks Guinness world record

      Largest golf tee: Bolin Enterprises breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

     Longest Golf Club: Michael Furrh breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Most golf holes played in five days: Captain Stuart Ball breaks world record (PICS & VIDEO)

    Most Golf Holes Played in A Week: Pastor Bob Kurtz sets world record (HD Video)

    Most rounds of golf played in a year: Richard Lewis

    Youngest person to win a Japanese Golf male tournament - Ryo Ishikawa

    Most Golf Balls Hit in 12 Hours - Nigel Mangan

    Largest golf tee: Bay College CAD team

    Most golf holes played in a week - Tom Bucci

    Oldest Golf Course: Musselburgh Links

    Youngest Golfer to Score a Hole-in-One: Eleanor Gamble

    Most Birdies in 12 Hours: Alexander Sandeman

Most hockey passes completed in one minute: Pakistan breaks Guinness world record

Most players in an exhibition hockey game: Kimmett Cup breaks Guinness world record
Longest hockey game: Alberta hockey players sets world record (Video)

Longest ice hockey game: Canadian women set world record (Video)

Longest Hockey Game: Dr. Brent Saik and friends sets world record (Video) 
 Longest outdoor inline hockey game: Indian players
   Longest indoor hockey match: Havering Hockey Club  
Largest Attendance at a Hockey Game: Michigan hockey fans
Largest Hockey Stick and Puck: Cowichan Valley

Largest rugby scrum: Leamington Rugby Club sets world record

Largest rugby scrum: Breakthrough Breast Cancer sets world record

Fastest pass with a rugby ball: Joe Simpson

   Longest wheelchair rugby league match: UK players set world record
Longest women's rugby game:  Mass, NH colleges (Video)

  Largest rugby scrum: Ashby School    

 Most Indoor Rugby Tackles in One Hour: Maidenhead Rugby Club

  Largest Mini Rugby Tournament: Hong Kong tournament

Longest domino chain made of waffers: Vienna breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most Strikes Thrown In A Minute: Chad McLean breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most Games Bowled in 24 Hours: North Bowl Lanes set world record

  Longest tenpin bowling marathon - Stephen Shanabrook

Longest Bowling Run-up - Jason Rawson

Tallest domino toppled: Prudential Financial breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Tallest free standing domino tower: Tom Holmes breaks Guinness World Record (VIDEO)

Most dominoes toppled in a spiral: Germany breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Longest book domino chain: Belgium breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most people playing dominoes: Cayman Islands students set world record

Longest Book Domino Chain: Seattle breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Longest domino wall: German team breaks world record (VIDEO)

 Largest Human Mattress Dominoes: Juniata College

Largest Human Mattress Dominoes: Bensons for Beds

Most dominoes toppled by a group: Mr.Domino and team

Most People Playing Domino: World Domino Championship  

 Most People Playing Domino: World Domino Championship    

   Largest Domino tournament: Old Spice Domino Tournament

Largest Domino tournament: Old Spice Domino Tournament   

Longest spin: Tosy top

  Longest 'thumb war' chain: UCO students set world record

  Longest marathon on a bouncy castle: Charity bounce breaks Guinness world record

   Largest game of musical statues: Mansfield State High School breaks Guinness world record

  Most people to complete a skittles throw: Torquay company breaks Guinness world record

   Fastest time in completing a 6x6 Rubik's cube: Kevin Hays breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

   Longest Batting Marathon: Mike Filippone breaks Guinness world record

   Most scrabble games played at once: Chris May breaks Guinness world record

  Most people playing pinball simultaneously: Stratford Festival breaks Guinness world record

  Largest game of red light/green light: Manassas breaks Guinness world record

   Longest Poker Tournament: Iron Man Poker Challenge breaks Guinness world record

   Longest curling marathon: Dumfries curlers broke Guinness world record

   Largest Baseball Card: Topps sets world record (PICS & VIDEO)

   Longest marathon playing darts: Lincolnshire players broke Guinness world record

  Largest Cornhole Board: Ephraim Ford breaks Guinness world record

   Biggest jackpot win: Mega Fortune jackpot breaks Guinness world record

  Longest racketball game: Steve Rowe and Stuart Allwood break Guinness world record

  Largest Blackjack Table: Viejas Casino sets world record (VIDEOS)

  Largest Tug Of War Tournament: RIT students set world record (VIDEO)

  Longest hopscotch course: Hopscotch Detroit breaks world record (VIDEO)

  Longest Wiffle Ball game: New England players set world record

  Largest twister board: SDSU breaks world record

  Largest Monopoly board game: Lynn Camp students sets world record (PICS)

   Fastest human conveyor belt: Thomas Hardye school sets world record

  Longest baseball game: St. Louis players set world record (VIDEO)

   Longest netball match: Durham University netball players sets world record

   Largest Ring a Ring O' Rosie: Irish school students breaks world record (PICS & Video)

  Largest lacrosse game: Ohio players sets world record (PICS)

   Longest kickball game: Connecticut Teams set world record (HD Video)

  Most Consecutive Netball Passes: New Zealand sets world record (Video)

  Most field goals made in 24 Hours: Craig Pinto sets world record (Video)

  Largest Duck Duck Goose Game: Logan-Rogersville School District sets world record

  Largest claw crane game: Toyota Ractis sets world record (HD Video)

  Longest marathon playing squash singles: Guy Fotherby and Darren Withey sets world record (Video)

  Largest game of duck duck goose: University of Central Oklahoma

  Largest Beach Volleyball Tournament: Seaside (HD Video)

  Longest Marathon Bag Toss: DuPage group

Longest pickleball game: Jeffrey Baker and Justin Lawrence

Longest kickball game: Padua students (Video)

Largest cup pyramid: Ideal Schools Students

Largest rugby scrum: Ashby School

Longest curling game: Bala Curling Club

 Longest underwater card game: German scuba divers (Video)

Most ping pong balls caught with chopsticks in 1 minute: Ma Deqi

Largest Pass the Parcel: Britain    

Longest game of darts - Jason Rosiak and Dominic Nolan

Largest Toy Pistol Fight - Washington University students

Most people patting their heads and rubbing their tummies - Calne students

Longest Curling Game - The Coaldale Granite Club

Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Cube - Feliks Zemdegs sets world record

Largest Game of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes - Bendigo students

Largest Mini Rugby Tournament: Hong Kong tournament

Largest Human Mattress Dominoes - Palantine Beds

 Longest wiffle ball game - Prior Lake High School
Largest Tug Of War Tournament - Inner Mongolia

Luckiest lottery winner - Joan Ginther

Longest poker game - Phil Laak

 Largest ‘ Ring a Roses’ Game - Children Today

Largest Twister Board - UCD Suas Society

Longest keepy-uppy journey - Dan Magness

Most yo-yos spinning at the same time - Ben McPhee   

Youngest poker champion - Joe Cada

Largest board game - Luanga Nuwame 

Longest game of tenpin bowls - Stuart Ridley    

   Largest free-floating soap bubble-Samsam Bubbleman

   Largest Corn Maze - Benson Farms

   Highest Land Wager Ever Completed - BetOnlinecom

  Largest human wheelbarrow race - Temasek Polytechnic  
  Largest rock, paper, scissors tournament - Colonel By  

  Largest simultaneous four square game - Cartoon Network

  Highest Score for a Single Song on Guitar Hero III - Danny Johnson

   Largest crossword - Lvov

    Longest frisbee throwing (for the over 55s) - Patricia Martin

   Largest Online Poker Tournament - PokerStars

    Longest darts marathon - Jeff Garland and mates
   Longest consecutive bounce - Michigan boys   

   Largest game of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes - Ladue students       
   Most skips of a stone on water - Russel Byars

  Longest stone throw - Ray Oster   

   Most Rugby Tackles in One Hour - Maidenhead Rugby Club

   Most consecutive volleyball passes - Triangle Volleyball Club    

   Most simultaneous chess games played - Kiril Georgiev

   Largest game of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes -Ladue students

   Longest croquet game - Adams players  

   Longest darts marathon - Jeff Garland and mates   

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               Longest softball fastpitch game

    Most Golf Balls Hit in 12 Hours - Nigel Mangan  

  Largest dodgeball game - University of Alberta


Longest keepy-uppy journey - Dan Magness

         Most yo-yos spinning at the same time

Largest Outdoor Human Mattress Dominoes


Most dominoes toppled by a group