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  Tuesday, June 15, 2010

  Highest Standing Box Jump - Ryan Moody sets world record
  MIDVALE, UT, USA -- Ryan Moody, 25, has made a successful 56 inch standing box jump at a local gym in Midvale Utah, known as CrossFit 801 - setting the new world record for the Highest Standing Box Jump.

   (enlarge photo)

   Ryan Moody says: "3 huge tire tractors were rolled out and stacked up to create the landing platform. Don't let the photos fool you, at a platform height of 56", this is no easy feat. Especially considering I chime in at a solid 5 foot 9 inches, this attempt equates to 81% of my height."

     The world record was sponsored by:
     Forged Clothing:
     Progenex USA:
     CrossFit 801:

    " The morning of left me full of nerves, and a sleepless night created some concern as to whether I would have the energy to jump land at this height."

   "The gym was full of fellow crossfitters, gym owners, friends, and family. The pressure to perform was on, and the hope to provide a successful attempt ran high."

   " After doing my regular warm up of; 4 practice jumps each at 45, 48, and 50 inches. I raised the practice height to 52 inches at 2 repetitions, and repeated this again at 54 inches. I was now as ready as I could be, to attempt the 56 inch platform."

    There is a big mental aspect to box jumps. As the height increases, so does the danger and potential for injury. The platform heights become increasingly intimidating from about 50 inches and on.

   " In past attempts at different heights, i have put dents into my shin bones, split my leg wide open, nearly dislocated my hips, been knocked unconscious, and even lost layers of skin on my legs. The potential for slipping, or missing a solid landing, and falling is very high. If my footing on the landing isn't solid, or is misdirected often times this results in a legs overhead fall to the ground."

   "I am not your average jumper. I have an interesting medical history, one in which has pushed me as a man to live life to its fullest. Aside from a bad snowboarding accident, that left me with double knee surgery to remove bone shards and fix torn ligaments, only 1.5 years prior to my world record attempt. Nearly 5 years ago you could find me lying in a bed at all hours of the day and night, in a hot attic room in Lisbon Portugal, near paralyzed.

    When I was 8 years old I flipped over the handle bars of my bicycle and landed face first on a sewer drain. I shattered my teeth, and permanently damaged my neck and back.

    Fast forward 17 years to that attic in Portugal, a sports injury caused my nervous system to stop communicating any thing other than pain. No doctors in the surrounding countries were successful in helping me to get better. I was sent back to the U.S., where the technology was great enough to make me mobile and near pain free again.

    I vowed from that day on, I would never let opportunities pass me by but rather to live like I am dying.

    I have never ran track, or done the high jump. My sports background is martial arts, and basketball. Often being the shortest on the team, speed and jumping ability was a must. It was fitness that not only brought stability to my body but also my life. Fitness has brought me to the point of this 56 inch standing box jump.

    After a few unsuccessful attempts at correctly landing on the platform, I didn't want to give up and my past experiences pushed me to one final attempt.

     "Moral of the story; never give up on your dreams, keep trying because that last attempt might just be the one you succeed at. I am proud that I have accomplished one of my dreams."

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    Videographer: Heber Cannon of "High 5 Productions"

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   Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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