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    Smallest world records

   Mobile phones & Phone Calls
Cheapest smartphone: Nokia 215 brs sets world record (VIDEO)

Thinnest Smartphone: Oppo R5 breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)
Slimmest smartphone: Tornado 348 breaks Guinness World Records' record

Largest animated mobile phone mosaic: Sony breaks Guinness world record

Smallest phone charger: Fuel Micro Charger sets world record (VIDEO)

Lightest phone: Willcom Phone Strap 2 breaks Guinness world record

Most people sending a text message: Bell Aliant breaks Guinness world record

Largest Conference Call: TeleForum breaks Guinness world record

Slimmest Smartphone: Huawei Ascend P1S sets world record (Video & Photos)
Largest Smartphone: Windows Phone 7.5 sets world record (Video)
First 3D smartphone: LG Optimus 3D

Most powerful smartphone: Motorola Atrix 4G

Largest Android Smartphone: The 42″Google Nexus S Phone

Highest cell phone call: Rod Baber

  Most expensive mobile phone number: Qtel

 Highest Land Wager Completed:

  Most expensive cell phone: GoldVish

Most expensive mobile phone: Apple iPhone 3G Supreme

 Thinnest external iPhone battery: Mili Power Skin

Cheapest Mobile: Vodafone 150

 Largest working cell phone: Cricket

  Lightest mobile phone: Modu mini phone  

Most durable phone: Sonim XP1   

    Smallest world records
Smallest Steel Ball Bearing: Minebea breaks Guinness World Records record

Smallest Working Drill: New Zealand Man sets world record (VIDEO)

Smallest Laptop Charger: Zolt Laptop Charger Plus breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Smallest steam engine: German scientists set world record

Smallest Christmas card: University of Glasgow

Smallest 1080p HD image sensor: OmniVision 

    Smallest Telemedicine Microscope: CNSI

    Smallest Digital Camcorder: Muvi Atom

Smallest satelitte messenger - SPOT  

    Smallest humanoid robot - BeRobot   


   Lightest metal: Boeing sets world record (VIDEO)

   Most efficient four-stroke diesel engine: Wärtsilä 31 engine breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Largest OLED Display: LG breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Longest walk by a quadruped robot: Chinese Robot breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)
  Largest High Definition Video Display: Mitsubishi Electric breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

  Largest LED image display: Australia breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

   Largest Digital Flatbed Printer: Dip-Tech breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   Longest Operation of Thermal Power Plant Without Breakdowns: Boryeong Plant sets world record

   Longest real-time terabit optical transmission: ZTE and China Telecom set World Record

   Tightest Residential Building: Dillingham house sets world record

   Largest panoramic photo: London photo breaks Guinness world record (PICS & VIDEO)

   Fastest Desktop Color Printer: HP breaks Guinness world record

  Oldest working computer: WITCH computer breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

  Longest linear barcode: AC Labels sets world record

  Largest biometric database: Emirates Identity Authority sets world record

  Largest light picture using LEDs: Uzbekistan sets world record (PICS)

  Longest Line of Baloons Popped With a Laser Pointer: sets world record (VIDEO)

  First robot that can decorate Easter Eggs: Egg-Bot sets world record (PICS & HD Video)

First chocolate printer: The Choc Edge printer sets world record (PICS & HD Video)

Largest Rube Goldberg Machine: PSPE set new world record (Video)

Longest distance traveled by unmanned wave power vehicles: Liquid Robotics sets world record (HD Video)

Heaviest weight lifted with glue: 3M sets world record (Video)
First magnetic soap: Bristol University sets world record (Video)

Largest OLED TV Panel: 55-inch OLED TV sets world record (Video)

Lightest material: Ultralight Metallic Microlattice sets world record (Video)

Largest Flashlight: Germany (HD Video)

Largest hi-fi system: AeroDream ONE sets world record (Video)

Most powerful handheld laser: Wicked Lasers (Video)

Oldest Light Bulb: Livermore firehouse light (Video)
Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's Cube: Robot Ruby (Video)
Largest Rube Goldberg machine: Purdue University (Video)

Most Advanced Humanoid Robot: ASIMO

Oldest working electric hairdryer: British hairdryer

Largest Tidal Turbine: AK1000 

Thinnest on-Wall Speaker: Mytos XTR-50

Fastest ultraportable laptop: X201 ThinkPad
Largest iPod: Jonathan Ive

Largest 3D Plasma Display: Panasonic

Most patents by a university: Far East University Taiwan

 Largest Revolving Christmas Star: Siemens Superstar

Fastest wind-powered car: The Greenbird  

Most efficient single junction solar cell: QuantaSol

Longest and highest non-stop cable car: Ba Na Hills

Most advanced home flight simulator: Matthew Sheil   

 Largest Zoetrope: BRAVIA-drome from Sony

Smallest Helicopter: GEN H-4  

Fastest street legal car - G-Force

Fastest PC - Fi7EPOWER MLK1610

   Fastest processor - Intel Core i7

Largest Lite-Brite Picture - ASICS   

  Biggest printed digital image - Base3

Longest unmanned flight - Zephyr

  Largest periodic table of elements - Fossil Ridge students

   Most successful piles surgeries - Sudershan Chugh

   Most efficient bacteria test - Mobidiag

  Longest Pi Chain - Qatar International School

    Longest model of a DNA gene - Huddersfield University

   Fastest diesel motorcycle - The Diesel Dozen

   Largest number of crawler tractors - Otago Club

   Longest Scanned Document - Trūper scanner

   Highest efficient solar-to-grid convertor - SES

  Fastest Storage - Texas Memory Systems

  Fastest road-legal BMW - G-Power

  Darkest material - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rice University

   Lowest power chipset - Silicon Line

   Longest lasting alkaline battery - Evolta

   Fastest electric vehicle - Altairnano

   Shortest Chemical Bond Between Metals - UD researchers

   Fastest heavy truck - Volvo NH

   Longest micro-UAV flight - Pterosoar

   Strongest artificially generated tornado

Lowest car - Perry Watkins

   Longest unmanned flight - Zephyr plane

   Fastest jet-powered street luge - 'Tea Tray'

   Most eye operations - Tatyarao Lahane

   Superconducting magnet set world record

   Fastest drive wipping - Blancco

   Deepest production platform - Independence Hub

   Fastest single - turbine engine plane

  Highest popping toaster - Freddie Yauner

   Fastest yacht - Wallypower 118

    Drilling Depth world records were set by Timken bits  

    Fastest microprocessor ever built in Powerful New Computer

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     Fastest ultraportable laptop- X201 ThinkPad

         Largest 3D Plasma Display- Panasonic

            Largest Revolving Christmas Star

Fastest processor-Intel Core i7

Lightest mobile phone-Modu mini phone


Most durable phone-Sonim XP1   


Smallest Helicopter-GEN H-4  


Smallest humanoid robot-BeRobot