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  Longest Pi Chain-world record set by Qatar International School

[March 15]DOHA, Qatar--QATAR International School (QIS) created the longest chain of the mathematical symbol pi, with 10,000 decimal places in the students’ paper chain.

   The attempt was organised by head of maths, Gary Pemberton, and the head of primary, Cherie Johnston.

   Pemberton explained that the only difficulty they had experienced was getting hold of enough paper of the same colours.

   “We used different colours to represent different numbers, and every student from year 2 up to year 11 had to put together a chain of ten numbers,” he explained, “and then we joined all the different chains in the correct order and got the chain to 10,000 decimal places.”

  Pemberton, Johnston and other teachers co-ordinated the students who stood in lines on the school field and held the chain in the air for photographs to be taken.

   Head of secondary school, Damian Gray, said he was very pleased with the event, and was glad to see so many students participating wholeheartedly in the exercise.

   “This kind of applied theory is exactly what brings mathematics to life for the students,” he said, “and they all enjoy it and get involved.”

    Gray explained that the children at the school had also held a pi competition in which pi was recited in three different languages, and he pointed out that the participation in events such as these, show that maths in the school is ‘very strong.

   ’ The attempt was a great success; the sight of the 1,400 students holding the chain aloft was impressive, and potentially officially record-breaking, and as Johnston pointed out, “it was nice to see the whole school, both primary and secondary, involved in the same project.”

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