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  Most eye operations-world record set by Tatyarao Lahane

[Aug 21] MUMBAI, India--Tatyarao Lahane, an eye surgeon at the state run J.J. Hospital have created a world record by performing 100,000 cataract operations.

  Photo: Dr. Tatyarao Lahane performing surgeries in Opthalomology Department

   'It was my assistants - Ragini Parekh, Pradip Sawant, Maruti Shelar, Santosh and Laxman - who not only have made the feat possible but also maintained the record without which I would never have known it. You must mention their names if you want to write my story,' he insisted.

Dr.Tatyarao Lahane said he has performed 35,000 surgeries without using medical stitches during operations.Given his philanthropic nature, Lahane has been consistently holding eye checkup camps all over the state, particularly in the rural areas.

The JJ Hospital had a glittering ceremony for VVIPs and others who had gathered to be present at the felicitation ceremony of Dr. Tatyarao Lahane, the Professor and Head of Department, JJ Hospital.

   Dr. Tatyarao Lahane said "I never imagined that I would create this record. One lakh surgeries is the number of operations that I remember, there might be few more which were not recorded or that I have forgotten."

Among the 100,000 phaco-emulsification procedures (the most common surgical procedure for removing cataracts) Tatyarao Lahane has done, 1,211 were performed on leprosy patients at Baba Amte's Anandvan in Warora near Nagpur. "So many phaco-emulsification procedures on leprosy patients is in itself a world record that I haven't so far publicised," the surgeon said.

   Dr.Tatyarao Lahane was being felicitated for completing a historical record of completing one lakh cataract surgeries. He was congratulated by Vilasrao Deshmukh, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

   Vilasrao Deshmukh said, "Dr. Lahane is from my district - Latur. He may be Lahane (small) but he has done a great job. He is fighting against blindness. Though he stressed about the importance of the latest equipment, the operator of the equipment is more important. His team spirit was vital for the success of the operations. He worked beyond all limits and has boosted the image of this hospital."

    Born in a farmer's family in a village in Latur District, Dr.Tatyarao Lahane who was educated in Marathawada came to Bombay for his own kidney transplant, as both of his kidneys were not functioning. His mother donated one of her kidneys, thus giving him a rebirth of sorts.

  Upon operating on Vijay Talekar a police constable, live before the felicitation ceremony, Dr. Lahane created the record of one lakh cataract surgeries. This operation was displayed on screen. Dr. Lahane operated successfully on Talekar with the help of new technologies in just 10 minutes. A social worker, Mohammad Ali Shaikh gave Dr. Lahane a cheque for Rs. 2 lakh on the occasion.

   "I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I see that Dr. Lahane has not forgotten to help poor people even after coming to Bombay. Not many doctors can conduct this kind of surgery. I appreciate that he has skilfully performed such risky surgery," said Dr. Vimaltai Mundada, State Minister, Public Health and Family Welfare who was present at the occasion.

   Another eye surgeon Balchandra had performed 86,000 operations earlier in a span of 35 years.

   Earlier, two Indian eye surgeons Modi and Reddy had set a world record by performing over 250,000 cataract operations. They were banned by the government because of their high failure rate, Lahane told IANS.


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