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  Longest and highest non-stop cable car-Ba Na Hills sets world record   
  DA NANG, Vietnam -- Ba Na – Suoi Mo telpher system has a length of 16,500 feet (5.042 kilometers)and a height difference of more than 4,230 feet (1,291.81m) between its upper and lower stations-setting the world record for  the Longest and highest non-stop cable car.
   The cable car system will run from the foot of the Ba Na Mountain to the peak of the neighbouring Vong Nguyet Mountain in the Ba Na-Suoi Mo Tourism Area, about 40 kilometres west of Danang City.

The first section has been built over the last 12 months at a cost of US$17.2 million.

   The remaining section, from Vong Nguyet Hill to the highest peak, is to start operation by the end of April with a further investment of $5.7 million. The Ba Na Cable Car Service Company plans to launch the second section on April 30.

   The first section can transport up to 1,500 people per hour, with a 15 minute ride-time. The second will be able to service 1,000 people per hour. The Ba Na telpher has 24 pillars and 94 cabins.

   This telpher also holds the record for the largest departure station in Southeast Asia, which has entertainment facilities, a showroom of photos and objects about Ba Na’s past and present.    At the last station, visitors can see one of the largest sitting Buddha statue in Asia, which is 27m high, in the Linh Ung pagoda.

   The cable car system is built up to European standards with Austrian technology and equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden.
  Transit officials say it takes 15 minutes to ride up Ba Na Mountain on the cable car, compared with 55 minutes by car along a narrow, winding road.

   Tourists to Mount Ba Na are served drinks inside each cab as well as at the two stations. The cable car system is expected to boost the economy of Da Nang, which has lots of potential for tourism.

   The Ba Na Cable Car service joint stock company has spent VND300 billion ($17.2 million) in the cable car system which is able to transport 1,500 passengers an hour.

   It takes only15 minutes for visitors to go from the foot of Ba Na Mountain to the Ba Na ecological tourism site, at 1,487m above sea level.
   This tourist site experiences four seasons within one day, and has an abundant fauna and floral system.

  It is expected that Ba Na will welcome approximately 1 million visitors a year, compared to 200,000 in the past, when the telpher was not built.

  A representative of Ba Na Hills Resort said the company invested some US$500 million to turn the famous mountain into a tourist destination, among which some VND300 billion was used for the cable car construction.
   Besides, there are some hotels and villas on the mountain with 200 guest rooms which are designed from two-star standard to five-star one.

  Vietnam has so far received 11 Guinness world records. However, the Ba Na cable car is the country’s first record in the fields of science and technology.   

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Friday, March 27, 2009 

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