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      Internet world records

    Most concurrent live web streams for an event: LiveU and Sky News broke Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

    Fastest time to reach 1 million followers: Caitlyn Jenner breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

    Fastest to one million twitter followers: Obama's Twitter account breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

   Most watched video on YouTube: Gangnam Style breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

  Most liked person on Facebook: Shakira breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   Oldest Facebook user: Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar sets world record

  Most widespread social networking message: Justin Bieber sets world record (Video)

  Most comments on a single Facebook item: Facebook fans breaks Guinness world record (Video)

  Highest Webcam: Mount Everest webcam sets world record (Video)

  Most Downloads of a Translation Software:

  Most popular female star on Facebook: Rihanna (Video)

   Most viewed online ad: 'Evian Roller Babies'  (Video)

   First website made out of chocolate: Sagres (Video)

   Most Fans on Facebook in 24 Hours: Frito-Lay

   Largest online guitar lesson: Steve Vai (Video)

   Largest Digital Archive of Holocaust Victims: Google's Holocaust collection

  Oldest Facebook user: 103-year-old Lillian Lowe

  Most comments on a Facebook post: Swayze's Fans

  Most expensive domain name:

   Most People Tagged in an Online Photo: Orange

   Most expensive virtual item: Crystal Palace Space Station

  Fastest update of relationship status: Dana Hanna and Tracy Page

  Largest Online Collaborated Jigsaw: Lipton Yellow Label Tea

 Most popular video ever: Numa Numa by Gary Brolsma

  Most downloaded application in 24 hours - Firefox 3

   Longest domain name - Llanfairpwllgw-


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                Most expensive virtual item  

          Fastest update of relationship status

          Most popular video ever-Numa Numa


                   Longest domain name