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      Entertainment World Records

  Most gigs in 24 hours: Leo Ihenacho breaks world record (VIDEO) 

   Biggest selling album of 2010: Lady Gaga's 'The Fame Monster' sets world record

   Most Successful Young Dj - Jack Hill

 Oldest Female DJ - Mammy Rock

   Most concerts performed in 24 hours - Vicente Patiz

   Longest stand-up performance - Comedian Bob Marley

   Longest Individual Karaoke Marathon - Ken Parsons

   Most Recorded Artist - Asha Bhonsle

   Most Successful Entertainer of All Time - Michael Jackson

  Most Successful Musical Debut - Susan Boyle

  Most music albums released by young artists - Andra Gogan and Razvan Gogan

  Longest live singing concert by a child - Andra Gogan
   Longest solo stand-up comedy show - Tommy Tiernan

   Oldest still performing showgirl - Dorothy Dale Kloss

   Fastest tap dancer -Tony Adams

   Most successful TV show - Dallas TV series



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       Most Successful Musical Debut-Susan Boyle

          Most successful TV show- Dallas

          Longest solo stand-up comedy show


         Most Recorded Artist-Asha Bhonsle

          Most people doing the Thriller dance

Oldest still performing showgirl-Dorothy Dale