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 Most successful TV show- world record set by the Dallas TV series
 Southfork Ranch, Dallas, TX, USA -- Dallas, a series about a wealthy family in the oil business, was translated and dubbed into 67 languages in over 90 countries, holds the record for the highest rated episode with nearly 360 million viewers tuning in to see who shot J.R. and sets the world record for the Most successful TV show.

   Photo: The original cast of Dallas. Clockwise from top right are: Larry Hagman (in cowboy hat), Linda Gray, Jim Davis, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal, Patrick Duffy, and Barbara Bel Geddes. (enlarge photo)

  Dallas was one of the most successful drama series ever made, and also one of the longest-running shows in American prime-time television history.

   The show debuted in April 1978 as a five-part miniseries on the CBS network, then was broadcast on that network for 13 seasons, from Saturday, September 23, 1978, to Friday, May 3, 1991.

  Larry Hagman is the only actor to appear in all 357 episodes of the series, and is the only regular cast member to be a native of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

  “In its form, Dallas is a kind of soap opera" says Larry Hagman. I consider Dallas drama—turgid drama, sometimes, but it's always interesting with the major characters bouncing around. The show’s fine when it revolves around several themes. People say that it’s sexy and trashy. If you call screwing your wife’s sister sexy, then perhaps it is. To me, it’s just all in the family"

   Patrick Duffy appeared in the second highest episodes, appearing in 327 of the 357 episodes.

  Dallas was the first show to combine the scope of a mini-series with the big ideas of life—themes such as good vs. evil and brother vs. brother.

   Dallas was originally shot entirely on location in Dallas, Texas. Later, most interiors for the show were shot at the MGM studios in Hollywood.
   Exteriors were shot at the Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas, and other parts of Dallas, until 1989, when rising production costs led to all production being located in California.

   The communist government of Nicolae Ceausescu's Romania ran episodes of Dallas in the 1980s hoping that it would convince people that capitalism was corrupt and decadent.
   The dictator was a fan of the program, but broadcast it to show the evils of capitalism.

   Instead, it showed discontent within the communist system, as viewers looked past the characters to the portrayal of American lifestyles.

   Soon after the government fell, in the mid-1990s the Romanian billionaire Ilie Alexandru created a Balkan version of the Southfork Ranch in Slobozia, 'Southfork Dallas in Hermes Land' on the main road between Bucharest and the Black Sea. It drew more than 2 million visitors in its first year of operation.

   In 1999 Larry Hagman and his wife Maj visited the copy of the Southfork Ranch in Slobozia. Larry Hagman remarked that the Ranch looked just like the 'original' but was even larger.

   As of 2009, Warner Home Video will have released the first ten seasons of Dallas on DVD.

  Original main cast
  Larry Hagman as John Ross "J.R." Ewing, Jr.
  Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
  Barbara Bel Geddes as Eleanor "Miss Ellie" / Ewing Farlow
  Jim Davis as John Ross "Jock" Ewing, Sr.
  Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing
  Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing
  Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing Cooper
  Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes
  Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs

    "DALLAS" Cast Walks Red Carpet At 30 Year Reunion

      Dallas TV-Movie " J.R. Returns" Opening Video
   Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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