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            Stunts world records



  Highest ski jump from a quarterpipe: Rob Wilkinson break Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

   Longest distance walked on a highline: Alexander Schulz breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

    Highest parachute jump: Alan Eustace breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   Longest Side-by-Side UTV Jump: Ryan Piplic breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

   First person to walk tightrope across Niagara Falls: Nik Wallenda sets world record

   Highest skydive without parachute: Gary Connery sets world record (PICS & Videos)

   Largest rope swing: Devin Graham and his friends sets world record (HD Video)

   Fastest to jump over three moving cars: Aaron Evans sets world record (Video)

   Most consecutive formation loops: The Blades (Video)

   Oldest woman to bungee jump: Frances Gabe (Video)

   Highest Blob Jump: Paintballfarm (HD Video)

   First BMX triple Backflip: Jed Mildon (HD Video)

    Longest ramp jump: Tanner Foust (HD Video)

   Largest balloon cluster flight: National Geographic (Video)

  Highest cable wire walk: Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock

  Most bungee jumps in one hour: James Field

  Highest bicycle ride: Nik Wallenda
  Highest jump on roller skates: Taig Khris
  Smallest Wingwalker: Kiran Shah
  Oldest bungee jumper: Mohr Keet
  Longest jump in a Harley-Davidson: Seth Enslow
  Longest Jump in a Rally Car: Travis Pastrana 
  Youngest wing-walker: Tiger Brewer
  Biggest skydiving formation: US skydivers
  Oldest wing walker: Tom Lackey  
  Highest jump on a motorcycle: Ronnie Renner
  Fastest jet-pack flight: Eric Scott
  Highest motorcycle jump: Robbie Maddison
  Highest Bicycle Ramp Jump: Timo Pritzel and Joscha Forstreuter
  Fastest Text Messaging While Skydiving: Samsung Mobile
  Back flip in a wheelchair: Aaron Fotheringham
  Highest and longest bike-ride: Nick Wallenda
  Most bungee jumps in 24 hours: Mike Heard   
  High-wire walking world record
  Longest mid-air suspension: Dixie Dooley
  Most roll-downs from aerial silks: Brandon Pereyda
       Longest wheelie on a UTV: Roger LeBlanc break Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

       Largest glow-in-the-dark painting: Nissan LEAF breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

      Longest high-wire water crossing: Jaguar XF sets world record (VIDEO)

      Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice: Ryan Suchanek breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

      Tightest car parallel parking: Alistair Moffatt has reclaimed his Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

     Longest twin vehicle drifting: Nissan Middle East breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

     Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice: Robert Gull breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

      Most donuts around a car driving on two wheels: Zhang Shengjun breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

      Longest truck jump: EMC Enterprise breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

     Tightest parallel parking: Chinese driver breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

    Fastest vehicle drift: Jakub Przygoński broke Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Juggling ping pong balls: Mark Angelo breaks Guinness world record

    Most donuts in 100 seconds: Terry Grant breaks Guinness world record

    Most consecutive backflips on a pogo stick: Dmitry Arsenyev breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Most tennis balls held in one hand : Nepalese man breaks Guinness world record

   Tightest parallel parking: British brothers broke Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Fastest wheelie on ice: Ryan Suchanek breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

    Largest burnout: Summernats breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

   Heaviest vehicle lifted with the breath: Brian Jackson breaks world record

   Quickest wheelie over 100m: Ian Drummond breaks world record

   Fastest mile juggling five objects: Matthew Feldman breaks world record (VIDEO)

   Team Hot Wheels sets World Record for gigantic car double loop (VIDEO)

   Most eggs balanced by a group: Taiwan's Dragon Boat Festival sets world record

   Tallest human tower: Catalonian tower builders breaks world record (PICS & VIDEO)

   Most juggling catches in a minute: Mark Hanson breaks world record (VIDEOS)

    Most cans hit with a flying disc: Rob McLeod sets world record (PICS & Video)

   Fastest toilet: Jolene Van Vugt sets world record (HD Video)

   Largest stick bomb: Natick students sets world record

   Most mugs held in one hand: Chris May sets world record (Video)

   Most water balloons burst by a car: Alfa Romeo MiTo sets world record (HD Video)

   Most chainsaw juggling catches: Ian Stewart sets world record (Video)

  Riding unicycle on beer bottles: Lutz Eichholz sets world record (Video)

  Most back wheel pogo hops: Ben Hoyle

  Most consecutive donuts (spins) in a car: Terry Grant

  Fastest Time to Balance a Dozen Eggs: Brian Spotts (HD Video)

   Longest car drift: Mauro Carlo (HD Video)

   Heaviest bee suit: Zhang Wei

  Longest bicycle wheelie: Aaron Stannage
  Fastest bicycle wheelie: Jake Drummond   
  Longest Backwards Limbo Skating Under Bars: Abhishek Navale
  Most people walking on stilts: Cirque du Soleil  
  Longest farm tractor wheelie: Mike Hagan
  Driving a car through the smallest gap: Dave Ackland
  Longest farm tractor wheelie: Mike Hagan

  Longest stone throw: Ray Oster
  Longest Tram-pulling stunt
  Most bricks broken in a single strike: Dan Netherland
  Most coconuts broken: Sarada Lahangir

  Longest ice bath: Jin Songhao

  Longest time spent in a sub-zero ice cube: Hezi Din

Longest scuba dive in open fresh water: Allen Sherrod sets world record (Video)

Longest distance traveled by foot underwater: Joe Wilkie (Video)  

Highest Shallow Dive: Darren Taylor aka 'Professor Splash' sets world record (Video) 
Tallest waterfall kayaked by a women: Christie Glissmeyer
Highest jump above water: Robbie Maddison
 Highest waterfall dive: Di Huanran 
   Longest saltwater dive: Robert Silva
   Highest waterfall kayak plunge: Tyler Bradt
   Most divers ironing underwater: Yorkshire Divers  
  Longest breath-holding: David Blaine
  Longest Time Breath Held Voluntarily: Tom Sietas
  Longest underwater swim: Dave Mullins 
  Longest time underwater without air: David Merlini
  Most skips of a stone on water: Russel Byars
  Underwater pogo sticking: Ashrita Furman


  Longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire: South African stuntsmen break Guinness World Records' record

  Running the longest distance while on fire: Keith Malcolm
  Longest Wall of Fire: Yuma Air Show

   Oldest person to abseil: Doris Long  
   Fastest Vertical Run: Tony Berglund
   Most perfect Faro shuffle cycles: David Willmott
   Most swords swallowed simultaneously: Chayne Hultgren  
   Fastest Freestanding Brick Breaking: Bernd Hoehle
   Most consecutive kickflips on a skateboard: Zach Kral 







  Strongest Ear - Lasha Pataraia


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 Longest bicycle wheelie - Aaron Stannage

 Longest time spent in a sub-zero ice cube

Longest Jump in a Rally Car-Travis Pastrana

Longest saltwater dive-Robert Silva   

 Fastest jet-pack flight-Eric Scott


    Back flip in a wheelchair - Aaron Fotheringham
Driving a car through the smallest gap