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   Back flip in a wheelchair -world record set by Aaron Fotheringham
  LAS VEGAS, USA -- Aaron Fotheringham, 16, competed a back flip in a wheelchair in front of a crowd of more than 300 at Doc Romeo Park, setting a new world record.

   Photo: To achieve the trick, Fotheringham, rolled down a skatepark ramp to generate enough speed. He then went up another ramp and landed his flip on flat ground. / Photo Stephen R. Sylvanie
   (enlarge photo)

 "It feels awesome to get this," said Fotheringham, 16, who performed the flip before the Vegas AmJam skatepark competition.

   He first completed the trick in 2006, and has dozens of videos of his backflips, but had yet to make it official.

   "I think it's fantastic," his mother, Kaylene Fotheringham, said. "So often we said 'we think he is the first one,' but today we know he has the world record."

   Aaron Fotheringham, 16 (b. 1991) has Spina Bifida and has been using wheelchairs and crutches since the age of 3. But that does not stop him from being the world’s premier extreme athlete. On wheelchairs, no less.

   His unofficial record is six back flips in a row, however, he could not get consecutive flips Oct. 25.

  Completing the trick requires perfect judgment of speed and concentration, he said. Approaching the ramp too fast or too slow could result in a nasty spill on the pavement.

Aaron Fotheringham has been a sponsored athlete through Colours Wheelchair since he was 12 years old.

   The Colours Wheelchair company makes the most innovative manual wheelchairs and wheelchair accessory items on the market.

    Aaron Fotheringham: FIRST backflip in wheelchair Video


   Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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