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  Monday, July 20, 2009

   Longest Backwards Limbo Skating Under Bars - Abhishek Navale sets world record

  BELGAUM, India -- Abhishek Navale, 7, successfully moved under bars providing a gliding space of only 8.7 inches and covering a distance of 62 feet-setting the world record for the Longest Backwards Limbo Skating Under Bars.
   The event was held on a newly-laid 100-foot track at the Darga Chowk. Among those present on the occasion to congratulate Abhishek was Lok Sabha member Ramesh V. Katti.  
  (enlarge photo)
   Though celebrating his achievement, Abhishek responded with an unpretentious and humble smile. He said he would continue to work hard to set new records.

   Winner of Bal Pratibha Puraskar 2009 of Karnataka Government, this young skater has many feats to his credit.

   Abhishek Navale has skated 540 km from Bangalore to Belgaum in six days and has participated in several skating rallies aimed at spreading awareness on social issues ranging form AIDS to blood donation.

   His parents are now busy trying to find sponsors so that he can study and continue to train in skating. In fact we have just submitted an application to the Chief Minister, says Sanjay Navale, his father who works as a bus conductor with the North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation.

  Abhishek is so shy that his parents do all the talking. But ask him to show you what he can do with the skates, and you see a complete transformation in his personality.

   He skates with confidence and pulls off some amazing tricks too. He can skate with his body almost touching the ground, says his proud father, as Abhishek demonstrates. I am not scared of the traffic, says the boy, as he waits for a bus to pass and then shows off another stunt.

   Hes been practising for the last two years. His trip from Bangalore to Belgaum was sponsored by KSRTC. He practises for two-and-a-half hours every day under his coach Suryakant Hindalgekar, says Mr. Navale.

    We also want him to complete his education. He is passionate about skating. He spends most of his time imitating the stunts Hrithik Roshan performs in films, says Mr. Navale.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

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