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  Most divers ironing underwater-world record set by Yorkshire Divers

  CHEPSTOW, Wales, UK  -- 86 British scuba divers braved water temperatures of just 41F (5C) to to iron one item of linen within a 10-minute time limit at the bottom of a 173ft-deep flooded quarry-setting the world record for the most divers ironing underwater simultaneously.

    In addition to breaking the world record, the aim was to raise money for RNLI crew training.
   Photo: Gareth Lock (enlarge photo)

The previous record for the most divers ironing underwater simultaneously, held by Australian divers, was 72, but the British divers managed to get at least 86 ironing within a 10-minute period.
   Around 140 people from across the UK volunteered their time, with 128 of them qualified divers. Depending on experience, each sunk to the quarry bed at different depths with an ironing board, iron and an item of linen.
   A record 86 divers managed the task simultaneously, while the remainder were either disqualified for starting too early, or penalised for overshooting the 10-minute time limit.

  Their incredible feat at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, Wales, was captured on camera by 11 photographers armed with special underwater cameras.  

 The the Extreme Ironing Bureau describe this kind of attempt as: “An outdoor activity that combines the danger and excitement of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.”
   Link:  Extreme Ironing Photo Gallery

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   Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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