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Most Expensive
Most expensive watch sold at auction: 'Supercomplication' breaks Guinness World Records (VIDEO)

Most Expensive Perfume: Clive Christian breaks Guinness World Records' record

Most expensive children's slide: 'Golden Unicorn' breaks Guinness World Records' record

Most expensive doll sold at auction: Bonhams breaks Guinness World Records' record

Most expensive iPhone 6:  Alexander Amosu breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most Expensive Bed: Savoir Beds breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Most expensive shirt: Datta Phuge breaks Guinness world record

Most expensive camera: Leica breaks Guinness world record

Most Expensive Comic Book Cover: Tintin in America Cover sets world record

 Most expensive camera: Leica camera breaks world record (HD Video)

Most expensive watch: Hublot sets world record (Photos)

Most expensive purse: Hermes Birkin Bag sets world record

 Most Expensive (and Loudest) iPhone Dock: iNuke Boom

Most expensive iPhone 4S: Iphone 4S Elite Gold

 Most expensive Christmas tree: Tokyo jeweler Ginza Tanaka sets world record (Video)

Most expensive razor: Zafirro Iridium

Most expensive musical instrument sold: Stradivarius violin (Video)

Most Expensive Handbag: The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Most Expensive Bed: The Baldacchino Supreme

Most Expensive Apartment Building: One Hyde Park

Most expensive cheese sandwich: Chef Martin Blunos

Most Expensive House: Mukesh Ambani's home

  Most expensive carpet: 17th Century Persian carpet

  Most Expensive Rough Diamond: The Cullinan Heritage

  Most expensive medicine: Soliris

  Most expensive mobile phone: Apple iPhone 3G Supreme

  Most Expensive Written Manuscript: Giacamo Casanova's autobiography

  Most Expensive Diamond: 'Vivid Pink'

  Most expensive barbecue: BeefEater

  Highest price paid for a Victoria Cross-Spink

  Most expensive Christmas tree: Ginza Tanaka

   Most expensive cow: Missy  

   Most expensive bottle of beer: Lowebrau

Most Expensive Stamp: The Treskilling Yellow

  Most expensive Christmas bauble: Hallmark Jewellers

  Most expensive apartment: Hong Kong flat

Most expensive sheep: Deveronvale Perfection

  Most expensive car ever sold at auction: 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Longest line of coins: THINK Together

Most expensive diamond: The Wittelsbach Diamond

  Most expensive car: Ferrari 250 GTO
  Most Expensive Watermelon: Densuke watermelon

  Most expensive house: La Leopolda

   Most expensive license plate: Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri

 Most expensives Rolex watches: Atiquorum

   Most expensive Buick Roadmaster: Hot Web Inc.

Most expensive Dickens book: Oliver Twist

  Most Expensive Champagne: Perrier-Jouet

  Most expensive cell phone: GoldVish phone

  Most expensive 35 millimeter camera: Leica

Most expensive Koran-world record set by oldest copy

  Most expensive diamond-world record set by Sotheby

Most expensive car plate sold for $6.8mn in UAE

Most Generous Boss: Ken Grenda sets world record (HD Video)

Highest denomination polymer plastic banknote: Romanian banknote sets world record (Video)

Smallest paper money: Romanian 10-bani note sets world record

Largest gold coin: Australia (HD Video)

   Largest chocolate coin: Science World

Most Expensive Coin: 1794 Liberty dollar

Most expensive Australian banknote: The Rare Coin Company

Biggest Coin: a Million Dollar value

   Largest Coin-like Medallion: Damas

   Largest flag made out of coins: Jin Jeong-gun

   Longest line of coins: THINK Together

Most Company Quality Certifications within 11 Months: Altran Technologies India sets world record (VIDEO)

Richest Doctor: Patrick Soon-Shiong sets world record (VIDEO)

Richest former professional athlete: Ion Tiriac breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most shops on an underground floor: Incheon breaks Guinness World Records' record

 Richest woman: Gina Rinehart sets world record (Video)

Richest Cat: Italian Feline Tommaso sets world record (Video)

Richest panhandler: Professor Frances Gabe (Video)
First gold vending machine:"Gold to Go"

 Longest Serving Central Bank Governor: Mugur Isarescu

  Largest Cut Paraiba Tourmaline: Ethereal Carolina

  Largest Business Card: BusinessCard2

   Largest Candy Store: Candylicious Dubai

    Largest legal document: ING Life Insurance Romania

  Most expensive sari: Chennai Silks

  Largest single deal for buses: RTA Dubai

  Fastest deal: Donald Trump and Ricardo Bellino
   Largest amount won on an on-line scratch card

  Largest online cash poker tournament  set world record    

  Nuclear Breeze set world record

  Fastest free-legged pacer Astronomical set world record    
   Bronze goddess sculpture sets world auction record

   Online Casino Jackpot world record with Nine Pence!

   Longest line of coins-world record set by Fort Scott Residents

  Most expensive mobile phone number-world record set by Qtel

   Fastest pace of deforestation in the world


          Most Expensive Diamond:'Vivid Pink'

         Largest Business Card: BusinessCard2

    Fastest deal: Donald Trump and Ricardo Bellino

 Most expensive license plate: Saeed Abdul Khouri