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    Monday, April 18, 2011

 Lightest Basketball Shoe: The adiZero Crazy Light sets world record (Video)

NEW YORK, USA -- At 9.8 ounces, the revolutionary adiZero Crazy Light from Adidas sets a new standard for basketball footwear at more than 15 percent lighter than the nearest competitor to help players be faster to improve
performance on the court - setting the new world record for the adiZero Crazy Light the world's lightest basketball shoeLightest Basketball Shoe.

  Photo: Adidas Launches the Lightest Shoe in Basketball: New adiZero Crazy Light to debut during NBA Playoffs on Derrick Rose and others. All Photos: Adidas
  (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the largest sports shoe/sneaker measures 4 m (13 ft 1 in) long, 1.6 m (5 ft 2 in) wide and 1.7 m ( 5 ft 6 in) high and was created by Launch Group (UK) in Cardiff, UK.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the Largest collectionof shoe-related items, owned by Darlene Flynn (USA), who has 14,684 different shoe-related items.

  The adiZero Crazy Light basketball shoe now gives adidas the lightest footwear in three sports including football (adiZero 5-Star cleat) and soccer (F50 adiZero cleat).
adi Zero Crazy Light the worlds lightest basketball shoe from Adidas   "Lighter footwear makes you faster and speed dominates on the basketball court," said Derrick Rose, two-time NBA All-Star of the top-seeded Chicago Bulls.

  (enlarge photo)

 "The adiZero Crazy Light is the lightest basketball shoe I've ever worn and it will no doubt make me faster on the court for our playoff run."

  More than two years in the making, the adidas Innovation Team (aIT) and adidas Basketball Design developed the adiZero Crazy Light from the canvas of a bare foot to ensure every part of the shoe serves a vital performance function.
  Only lightweight, highly flexible and durable materials were selected to create the lightest shoe in basketball.

  "We wanted to build the ultimate shoe for the ultimate basketball player, and research has clearly shown that a lighter shoe will provide better performance," said Griff Wilson, senior developer, adidas Innovation Team.
  "The key is to provide the support and cushioning of a traditional basketball shoe in a super lightweight construction. The Crazy Light, the culmination of two years of design, research, and testing, is the lightest
shoe in the market by nearly two ounces and will give basketball players an advantage over the competition."

  The adiZero Crazy Light features a revolutionary new SPRINTWEB exoskeleton upper less than 1mm thick and seamlessly bonded to a nylon textile base to significantly reduce weight and provide increased support and strength. The web layout of the materials provides vertical and horizontal strength to give players optimum support for any cutting motion.

  The SPRINTFRAME external heel counter and TORSION SYSTEM are bonded together to allow maximum weight reduction, energy return and motion control. Each lace eyelet is load bearing and has a corresponding web spar to support players during hard cuts. The upper is made with translucent nylon to further decrease weight and give players nearly 360 degrees of ventilated comfort.

  The adiZero Crazy Light traction system has varied engineered thickness to ensure maximum grip in high wear perimeter zones, and less thickness and weight in low perimeter zones like the midfoot. It also features longitudinal grooves in the heel and forefoot to provide support during extreme forefoot cuts.

  "No other basketball shoe compares to the new adiZero Crazy Light and it's a shoe that will revolutionize the game," said Lawrence Norman, adidas Vice President of Global Basketball.

  "The ultra lightweight design is built for players who want to be faster, jump higher and perform better on the court. From the NBA's best to pick-up games across the world, players are asking for light footwear to help them become one step quicker - and the adiZero Crazy Light delivers this in a way like no shoe in history."

  The adiZero Crazy Light will be available June 3 in four colorways for $130 including sharp blue/white, black/red/white, grey/white/neon green and red/white.
   It will roll out in six additional team colorways through September and will be available at Foot Locker, Eastbay and

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 Monday, April 18, 2011

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