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  Friday, April 2, 2010

  Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player - world record set by Jaylin Fleming

 CHICAGO, IL, USA -- Jaylin Fleming, a 10-year-old fifth grader at Beasley Academic Center in Chicago, coached by his father, is already drawing the attention of college and professional basketball coaches after he has established himself on the all-important AAU circuit, and he has already worked out with the Knicks and with the Bulls' Derrick Rose , setting the world record for the Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player.

   (enlarge photo)

   So far, the 5-foot-1 Jaylin is shrugging off the attention, telling the Tribune: "I'm a humble kid who's trying to achieve a goal."

  His passion for mastering the skills of his sport, at least at this point, is very evident, and the solid foundational upbringing of placing family, school, and religion as important pieces in his life is also obvious.

   "You can tell by his passion for the game, how much he loves the game of basketball," Morgan Park coach Nick Irvin said. "You can see that he has the desire for it. Jaylin has a look in his eyes that he won't be denied."

   Jaylin is an A and B student who fits in two hours of homework each night, goes to Bible study on Thursdays and loves video games and playing football with his little brother. "I never feel pressure to play," Jaylin said. "I want to play basketball. I just stay humble and keep working hard."

   Anne Stein, writing for the Tribune, notes that Jaylin has already worked out with players from the Knicks and the Bulls and has college and high school coaches buzzing.

   "I've never actually seen a kid like this," Knicks head athletic trainer Roger Hinds said. "As far as his age, he's the best that I've seen," said Refiloe Lethunya, a former Division I player, coach and NBA scout.

   Even Bulls star Derrick Rose is impressed with this 10-year-old basketball prodigy. "He's better than me -- that's what's crazy about it," Rose said. "His talent is one of a kind. Kids his age rarely do the stuff he does....He does moves that a grown-up does."

    College and high school coaches are circling, inviting him to games and camps. He has established himself on the all-important AAU circuit. And he has already worked out with the Knicks and with the Bulls' Derrick Rose.

   John Fleming coaches his son two or three times a week with local high school coaches, and his son has worked out with the Knicks and Bulls.

   Jaylin's father said he knew his son was special the moment he was born. "All the doctors and nurses noticed (his hands)," John Fleming said. "They were incredibly huge, and I was praying and asking God, what would Jaylin be, what would he do with those hands?"

   The answer came seven years later. Jaylin tagged along while his dad and older brother shot hoops with future Marquette point guard Maurice Acker, John Fleming's godson. When his dad left the gym, Jaylin copied Acker's drills. "When I walked back in, Maurice told me what Jaylin was doing with the ball and I could hear God saying this is what he's supposed to do," John Fleming said. "He gave me the understanding to see that Jaylin was born to play this game."

   John Fleming disagrees with those who say Jaylin is on the wrong path. “One of our family quotes is, “Why not me?” Fleming said. “Why can’t you do it? Who puts the limitations on you? He’s encouraged and taught and allowed to dream like that, as long as his aspirations are to serve the greater good. I teach him that basketball is about inspiring other people.”

   It is heartwarming to see how involved his parents are in his life outside of the basketball court as well as on it. When his father talks of making sure there's "discipline and structure" in Jaylin's life, you can see the value in that statement.

   The family wants Jaylin to attend a high school and college with strong student-athlete policies. "I want to put my son in someone's hands who's a father figure on and off the court," John Fleming said, "to provide the discipline and structure he needs to develop as a student and an athlete, and as a human being, ready to be in society."

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   Friday, April 2, 2010

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