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Friday, November 26, 2010
Largest fiber optic Christmas tree - Hong Kong mall
set world record
 HONG KONG, China--Sir Charles K. Kao, fondly known as 'The Father of Fibre Optics', and the 'Godfather of Broadband' has unveiled a 70 feet-high Christmas tree containing over four million fibre optics that change colors wich sets the world record for the Largest fiber optic Christmas tree.

   Photo: At 70 feet in height, the World's Largest fiber optic Christmas tree has more than 4 million fibre optics lights that change colours . (enlarge photo)

The Largest fiber optic Christmas tree in the world was switched on by Professor Charles Kao, the first person to publicly propose the use of fibre optics for communication.

The 2009 co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics developed Alzheimers disease several years ago where the proceeds from the mall's Christmas tree events will go towards a foundation set up in his name.

 'It has a special meaning, as he invented optical fibre. I think he should feel very happy as a lot of this kind of optical fibre material was used to build a big tree like this,' said Clarence Chang, an employee at City University of Hong Kong.

  'He said he liked it very much. It is 70 feet over four million fibre optics are there. Obviously these fibre optics on the Christmas tree mean a lot to him and a lot to the people around here as well,' said Dr. William Lo, the governor of the Charles Kao Foundation for Alzheimer's disease.

   The Guinness World record for the Largest Christmas cake was set by Uday Samudra (UDS) hotel in Kerala, India, which created a cake of 30 ft length, two ft width and weighing 2,500 kgs!

Guinness World Records also recognized the Largest gathering of Santa Claus: 12,965 people dressed up as Santa or Santa's helper during the Santa Dash event in Liverpool City Centre.

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Friday, November 26, 2010 

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