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  Thursday, August 19, 2010

  Largest collection of unopened Coca-Cola bottles 
- John Burley sets world record
  PATCHAM, East Sussex, UK -- John Burley, 63, started collecting unopened Coca-Cola bottles as a teenager in the 1950s and now has 600 bottles , setting the world record for the Largest collection of unopened Coca-Cola bottles.

   (enlarge photo)

   John started to get busy with the fizzy stuff when, as a teenager in the 1950s, he read an article in Life magazine. He now has so many bottles he has had to build a shed to house them all.

   The world's largest collection of unopened Coca-Cola bottles is now worth a staggering USD 15,600 (Ł10,000).

   He has travelled as far as Japan, America, China and the Middle East to put the fizz into his world-beating haul.

    John, from Patcham, East Sussex, said: "It might sound bizarre but I do not really like the taste of Coca-Cola. "If I am out at a restaurant I might have a Diet Coke with lemon but I generally stick to water, it is healthier.

   "I started the collection because I love Coca-Cola's branding, rather than because I drank a lot of the stuff."

    John's bumper haul includes an extremely rare bottle commemorating the 1982 marriage of Charles and Diana, which cost just 18p but is now worth more than Ł100. His collection also includes bottles produced to commemorate football world cups, film releases including Star Wars and Harry Potter and landmark political events.     

    A Coca-Cola spokesman said John's "incredible collection" was "by far the biggest of our bottles we have ever heard of".

    Guinness World Records have also urged John to get in touch to see if his collection is The Real Thing.

    John added:"I am nowhere near stopping and I would never sell either, people have talked about the collection being worth five figures but it is priceless to me. "There is one bottle which I have always wanted and I do not feel my collection is complete until I own it an Elvis Presley coke bottle."

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   Thursday, August 19, 2010

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