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    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

  Largest burlesque dance: Virgin Holidays set world record

 LONDON, UK -- Burlesque performer Kimberley Holladay and more than 100 girls braved the cold in London's Trafalgar Square, performing a five-minute routine on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery - setting the new world record for the Largest burlesque dance while raising awareness on Virgin's sale and ad campaign based around the theme of burlesque.

  Photo: Burlesque dancer Kimberley Dunne poses with a group of Virgin Holidays staff in Trafalgar Square, as they attempt to break the world record for the largest burlesque dance. (enlarge photo)

  The burlesque troupe, made up of Virgin Holidays staff and burlesque enthusiasts, braved the freezing January temperatures dressed only in sexy burlesque attire and performed a five minute burlesque dance routine to break the record.

  There is no previous Guinness world record for the Largest burlesque dance.

  Guinness World Records recognized
other similar world records, like the Largest mambo dance, set by 3,868 people danced to Pérez Prado's Mambo No. 5 for five minutes at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain.

   Guinness World Records also recognized the largest salsa dance, set by 451 couples at the Caracas Hilton Hotel, in Caracas, Venezuela.

  Andrew Shelton, Marketing Director at Virgin Holidays said: "What better way to raise a smile on a cold January morning than to see a huge number of beautiful burlesque dancers? We're passionate about offering the best holidays in the world at the best possible prices, and it's official, we've literally taken off everything we can, including our clothes!"

  (enlarge photos)

  Phil Bloomfield, head of PR at Virgin Holidays, said: 'January is a key trading period and we want to generate a lot of positive noise and buzz around the sales campaign. Launch impressed us with fun and cheeky ideas that fitted our brand – and a promise to deliver on a short timescale.'

  The event was an appropriate homecoming for the historical dance form, which has its roots in 19th century Britain, when the genre mocked established entertainment forms as opera, Shakespearean drama and ballet for working-class audiences.

   The current revival is fueled, at least in part, by stars such as Katy Perry, known to wear vintage lingerie in music videos, and Christina Aguilera, currently starring in the movie musical Burlesque.   

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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