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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Largest Toy Pistol Fight -
Washington University students set world record
 St.Louis, MO., USA--430 students from Washington University shot at each other with Nerf guns
at the Danforth University Center , setting the world record for the Largest Toy Pistol Fight.
   Photo: 430 students participate in a nerf gun fight for five minutes in order to set a world record for the "Largest Toy Pistol Fight." Photo by: Drew Koch  (enlarge photo)

 This is Wash. U.'s second Guinness World record this year: In May, the graduating seniors banded together to make the world's longest massage chain.

The idea came from a brainstorming session between the Class Councils, the cosponsors of this month's DUC In/ DUC Out, and Nate Ferguson, a senior who coordinated the entire event.

"I hoped that it would provide some excitement for students and just a different program that they probably haven't experienced in the past," Ferguson said.

The world record was part of DUC In/DUC Out, an evening of hi-jinks at the Danforth University Center. It also included a Rock Band 3 tournament and (this being St. Louis) trivia.

According to participants, event helped to bring friends and floors together.

The purpose of the battle was mostly about setting the world record. The excitement came from shooting the Nerf guns rather than through the actual fight. There was little concern for specifically aiming at people.

 The DUC funded most of the event, including the 500 guns that were used, and the Class Councils and the Student Union paid for the Guinness World Records application.

Guinness World Records requirements were stringent. At least 250 people had to participate and the battle had to last at least five minutes with at least three meters of no-man's land between the two teams. It had to be supervised by unbiased witnesses and time-keepers. And only toy pistols could be used.

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   Thursday, November 25, 2010

        [World Record Certificate]
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