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   Largest rock, paper, scissors tournament-world record set by Colonel By  

 GLIUCESTER, Canada -- 1,161 students from the  Colonel By Secondary School participated in a rock, paper, scissors tournament-setting the world record for the Largest rock, paper, scissors tournament.

    Photo:Grade 10 rock, paper, scissors tournament finalist Kat Wheatcroft prepares to throw down against Grade 10 finalist and eventual tournament champion Cody Lombardo in the finals of the World Record breaking event. Fred Sherwin/Photo
   (enlarge photo)

 The previous world record for the Largest rock, paper, scissors tournament was held by Brigham Young University which set the mark on April 11, 2008 with 826 participants.
   The idea of the record breaking attempt was the brainchild of teacher Cam Baird, who's been trying to organize an World Record attempt for the past several years.

   Baird enlisted the help of the student council and most notable the assistance of co-student president Mallorie Brodie and things started to snowball from there.

   The tournament was conducted much in the same manner as the NCAA basketball tournament with four brackets made up of the four different grade levels. The winner of each bracket then represented his or her grade in the semi-finals.

   The eventually winner of the tournament was Grade 10 student Cody Lombardo, who defeated Grade 11 representative Kat Wheatcroft in front of the entire student body which was packed into the school gym for the semi-finals and final.

  Besides getting the school's name in the Book of World Records and promoting school spirit, the event also managed to raise over $2,000 for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario through student donations.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

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