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  Largest simultaneous four square game-world record set by Cartoon Network
 ATLANTA, GA, USA -- Cartoon Network celebrated the National Recess Week by inviting thousands of other children across the country to play the four square game and to set
the world record for the longest and largest simultaneous four square game.
   Photo: Television fitness expert Jillian Michaels, second from left, plays with PS 199 fifth graders as they set a World Record for the largest simultaneous Four Square game as part of Cartoon Network's National Recess Week in New York.
Photo by David Goldman/AP Images/ Cartoon Network (enlarge photo)

 Thousands of kids across the country played four square on the same day, at the same time, (10 a.m.). As part of the celebration Cartoon Network will also give 10 participating schools across the nation a $10,000 grant.

The huge game of four square is meant to help spread the word about the benefits of recess and exercise. The school says recess helps children get active, stay healthy and build social relationships.

 The four square event is part of the national recess week, meant to inspire kids to get healthy and stay active.

 The simple rules call for a single square divided into four. A kid in each square hits a ball to an opponent, who must let it bounce once before hitting it to one of the other players.

  “This annual event has become a favorite for all of us at Cartoon Network as it offers the opportunity to benefit elementary schools across the country along with the chance to personally volunteer and serve kids in our own neighborhoods,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer for Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media group.
   “Studies have shown that daily recess provides not only vital physical exercise but a much-needed break for all kids to refresh and re-energize for their in-classroom work.”

   Snyder continued, “We’re grateful that principals and gym teachers all over the country have embraced NATIONAL RECESS WEEK and recognize recess’ rightful place within each school day.”

  Also as part of this year’s celebration, Cartoon Network has produced more than 100,000 red rubber balls, a timeless, iconic symbol of recess play at elementary school playgrounds across the country.

   Emblazoned with the network’s pro-social message GET ANIMATED, the 8-inch balls are being distributed to nearly 40,000 school principals and gym teachers, 20,000 Boys & Girls Clubs of America, all NATIONAL RECESS WEEK participating schools as well as kids and families who attend the Cartoon Network GET ANIMATED Tour, which will visit 40 U.S. markets this summer in partnership with the network’s participating cable and satellite affiliates.

  Mayors in 30 major cities across the country—nearly twice the number involved last year—have officially proclaimed March 2-6 as their city’s NATIONAL RECESS WEEK.

   NATIONAL RECESS WEEK was first celebrated in Sept. 2006 as part of Cartoon Network’s GET ANIMATED healthy lifestyles program to encourage and revitalize recess in schools across the country. Since that time, the campaign has received 14 nationally-recognized awards for community service, program creativity and effective communication strategies.

   Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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