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  Wednesday, June 30, 2010

  Longest softball fastpitch game 
- Caronno Rheavendors sets world record            
   Caronno Pertusella, Italy -- Two coed teams (men and women ranging from ages starting at 20 to over 60 years old), named Fettuccine and Tortellini, played for 120 hours (the equivalent of five days), during an event organized by the local club AB Caronno Softball Rheavendors at the softball field Francesco Nespoli - setting the new world record for the Longest Softball Fastpitch Game.

   Photo: Gergana Handjiyska bats during the marathon event that her team won. Photo by Franco Bagattini
   (enlarge photo)

   "It was an incredible experience. - said Giorgio Turconi, player as well as head of the Organizing Committee - Playing together for so a long time created the ideal conditions for establishing great relationships among the participants, that will last forever."

   The participants in the World's Longest Softball Fastpitch Game were men and women ranging from ages starting at 20 to over 60 years old. In total there were 54 players from nine countries: Bulgaria, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Venezuela.

   Gergana Handjiyska of Bulgaria played in the World's Longest Softball Fastpitch Game and said, “It was just great, people from different countries… playing on shifts for six days, united by the love of softball. This is exactly what we were lobbying (around) for the past few years and to be part of (the long game) was just amazing.”

   Photo: Fettuccine team (enlarge photo)

   Sleeping was done in tents at the field, as the participants were not allowed to leave the playing facility. In the end the teams played together for the final five hours, however.

    The game was umpired by officials of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation, the whole game was recorded by official score keepers of the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation as well.

     The entire game was also recorded on hard disk using a high definition camera, to keep memory of the event, and for certification purposes.

     The total played time was 120 hours and the final score was Tortellini 762 - Fettuccine 749. More on

     Link : World's Longest Softball Fastpitch Game photos

    The Longest Softball Fastpitch Game in The World was organized by the local club, Caronno Rheavendors, and mainly their president, Giorgio Turconi, who is helping with development in the European Softball Federation commissions and is also an active contributor to the work of the Italian Federation.

team  (enlarge photo)

   The previous Guinness World Record for the Longest Softball Fastpitch Game was set last year in Alberta (Canada) at 115 hours, three minutes long.

    The world record was sponsored by: Gruppo Alpini Caronno Pertusella Bariola, Rhea Vendors Group spa, Provincia di Varese, Comune di Caronno Pertusella, Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball, Elmo spa.

    Player's list:

    Cristina Alberton, Guido Ballarini, Giulio Bettale, Mauro Bonzi, Alessia Cagna, Bruno Campagna, Jacopo Cassin, Angelo Cogliati, Ilaria Colombo, Marco Corbella, Alessandro Cuzzolin, Loredana Fabbri, Nadia Facchinetti, Stefano Faccin, Riccardo Farisi, Carlo Fiorentini, Nicoletta Giappino, Davide Guerrera , Roberto Guerrera , Rinaldo Dossena, Sara Marostica, Giulio Macario, Alberto Olgiati, Emanuele Palomba, Alessandro Peralma, Alberto Pizzi, Enrico Pollastri, Emanuele Rizzo, Giuliano Rocca,Fabio Sparesato, Paolo Tacchini, Angelo Tenconi, Simona Teruzzi, Alberto Todi, Alberto Turconi, Alfonso Turconi, Giorgio Turconi - all from Italy; Ricardo Mata (Italy-Venezuela),
Argenis Blanco and Wilmer Colina (Venezuela), Aleksandrina Bogdanova, Teodora Simeonova, Gergana Handjiyska (Bulgaria), Miriam Chasserieau, Roger Martinez, Thomas Masse, Patricia Wiki (France). Manuel Cortès (Cuba), Leonardo Cruz Alzuru and Jorge Luis Dominguez (Spain), Matej Hafner and Robert Mandic (Slovenia), Tom Hanswillemenke (Germany), and Liam Morrison (United Kingdom).

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   Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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