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    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

  Largest kummah: Omani kummah breaks Guinness world record

MUSCAT, Oman -- Amani al Raisi, a Grade 12 student of Al Amerat School, came up with the idea of making the biggest Kummah in the world; the inspiration came from Amani's mother, who helped with the mammoth task; it took Amani and her family around 18 months to stitch the creation, which contain over 200,000 stitches and is over five metres in circumference, 1.75 metres in height and 1.68 metres in radius,
setting the world record for the Largest kummah, according to the World Record Academy:
largest kummah world record set by Amani al Raisi from Oman
  Photo: Amani al Raisi with her record-breaking kummah. (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the most people in a decorated hat competition is 372 and was achieved by Edward Feild Primary and Nursery School (UK) in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, UK.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the Largest collection of hats, set by Roger Buckey Legried (USA), who has a collection of 100,336 different hats from all over the world.

  Talking about the project that took her nearly two years to complete, Amani said, "It was my dream to complete this piece, so I am glad to have done it for this National Day."

  As part of the National Day celebrations, the 'kummah' was for the first time unveiled and displayed in her school.

 "That made me feel really good, happy and relieved," Amani said.

  Her friends and schoolmates were "surprised" and "immensely impressed" to see this special 'kummah'.

   "I teamed up with my family and acquaintance Ojas Bhatia, who helped me in the process of making the 'kummah' which involved intricate embroidery designing and a lot of consulting. I initially wanted to unveil it in 2011 but it took an extra year due to the enormity of the work involved," she explained.

 "It was challenging since it required a lot of expertise to design and build it. A lot of time also went into stitching the 'kummah' by hand. My family worked day and night on the 'kummah' to make it a reality," she said.

  The hand embroidering of the 'kummah' was done completely at her home.

   "Our aim was not only to make the biggest 'kummah' in Oman but also focus on the design.

 "That's why we used lots of national symbols like the famous forts, monuments, khanjar, date tree, coffee jug among others."

  While the creatives, designing and hand-stitching was done in Oman, the machine work was completed in India and consulting in New York.

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