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  Monday, April 12, 2010

  Largest Farm Tractor - world record set by Big Bud Tractor

  BIG SANDY, MT, USA -- BigBud 747,
a custom built agricultural Tractor is 28 feet long, 14 feet high, 21 feet wide and has a wheel base of 16 feet; it weighs in at 45 tons with a full diesel and hydraulic oil tank - setting the new world record for the Largest Farm Tractor.

   (enlarge photo)

   BigBud 747, the world's Largest Farm Tractor was built in Havre, Montana USA in 1977 by Ron Harmon of the Northern Manufacturing Company, for a cost of $300,000.

    The Largest Farm Tractor in the world is a 16 cylinder behemoth powered by a 24.1 litre Detroit V16 92Turbo engine delivering 900hp; it has 6 forward and 1 reverse gear driving all eight foot tall wheels

    With hydraulic powered steering and air brakes, similar to those on a semi, and a 1000 gallon diesel tank with a 150 gallon hydraulic reservoir tank, BigBud is big enough and has the endurance for any job.

   "That motor has a potential of up to 1100 horsepower..." said BigBud's current owner Robert Williams. "...It can handle our biggest equipment at the current setting, so there's no advantage to burning more fuel and putting more stress on the drive-train."

    The BigBud 747 Tractor was rebuilt and reconditioned at the end of 1990, after successfully working for many thousands of man hours.

    The  world's Largest Farm Tractor was originally designed for the Rossi Brothers, cotton farmers in Bakersfield, California. The Rossi Brothers used the tractor for deep ripping. They owned and operated the 16-V747 for 11 years.

    After leaving the cotton farm of the Rossi Brothers the Big Bud found its way to Indlantic, Florida. The second owners, Willowbrook Farms, also used the tractor for deep ripping purposes. Willowbrook Farms retired the Big Bud and left it to rest.

   In 1997 the Big Bud found its way back home to Montana, only 60 miles from where it was built. The world's Largest Farm Tractor at present resides in Montana, where it is still in use today, pulling a huge 80 foot wide plough.

   It is owned by The Williams Brothers of 'Big Sandy' who's farm is in Chouteau County.

    The world's Largest Farm Tractor can work more than one acre per minute, at speeds up to 8 mph. Except its new paint job, chrome stacks, and a whopping 900 plus horsepower - the Big Bud looks like it did when it rolled out of the Northern Manufacturing Company building back in 1977.

    "We've had people from all over the world come to see it..." said Williams "...we welcome visitors, and if it's on a day when it's running in the field, we might even give them a ride."

 Heartland Acres, the agricultural exhibition center in Independence, Northeast Iowa, will house Big Bud for the next two-and-a-half months.

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    Monday, April 12, 2010

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