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   Sunday, May 31, 2009

  Longest blindfold limbo skating-world record set by Rohan Kokane

  BELGAUM, India-- Nine-year-old student Rohan Ajit Kokane paseed under a car (clearing a height of 6.75 inches) blindfolded-setting the world record for the Longest blindfold limbo skating.
  Photo: Rohan Ajit Kokane of Belgaum setting the world record for the Longest blindfold limbo skating  

  (enlarge photo)

   When reporters asked Rohan how he felt, he said “Achcha lagta hai” (It feels good). And, he didn’t forget to thank his parents and coach for his achievement.

  As the crowd applauded him with a standing ovation, tears of happiness rolled down the eyes of Anupama, Rohan’s mother, while the proud father Ajit stood speechless for a moment.

   Then it was celebration time with students entering the basketball ring where the record attempt was made to greet the achiever.

   Meanwhile, the crowd continued clapping for as principal of BVB College Ashok Shettar greeted the boy with a bouquet and memento.
  (enlarge photo)

   Mr. Shettar said that Rohan, a class III student of St. Xavier’s High School, Belgaum, is training hard every day.

   The record attempt was organised as part of a national-level technical festival “Pleiades”.   

   Sunday, May 31, 2009

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