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   Monday, June 8, 2009

  Largest lobster roll-world record set by Portland

  PORTLAND,Maine, USA -- The city of Portland baked a 61 feet, 9 1/2 inches lobster roll using 45 punds of lobster meat and setting the world record for the Largest lobster roll.

  The gigantic roll, which measured 61 feet, 9 1/2 inches (Mayor Jill Duson verified the size), was baked at Amato's, and paraded down to Commercial Street by a team that included Maine Women Roller Derby Players.

   Photo by Tim Greenway / courtesy of The Portland Press Herald

  "It's a great celebration and Maine lobster is the king of the seafood world and we deserve to be in the book of world records," Dane Somers said.

   It was even a foot longer than originally planned. The monster roll contained 48 pounds of lobster meat and four gallons of Miracle Whip.

   Linda Beans Perfect Maine Lobster Rolls donated the meat and supervised the filling of the roll. "It's like a synchronized swim team," said Salt McLellan, executive chef of Linda Bean's Perfect Maine, which donated the lobster, valued at $1,200.

   The lobster roll event inspired a number of businesses and organizations to pitch in. The bread, for example, was baked by Amato's Bakery in an oven loaned by Belleco Food Service Equipment Specialists of Biddeford and modified by Wilson Electric of Windham.

   The specially made pan was from Great Falls Builders of Gorham, and was delivered on a flatbed truck from Stewart Trucking of South Portland.

   Michael Whittaker of Portland's West End Neighborhood Association came up with the idea of a way to help local kids afford swimming lessons.

  The mega sandwich was cut up into sections and sold to benefit the West End Swimming Scholarship Fund.

   Selling the 190 slices of the roll raised about $3,600.
   Kraft Food, which makes the Miracle Whip used in the roll, matched that amount so even more kids can swim.

   The previous world record for the Largest lobster roll was 57 feet.
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 Monday, June 8, 2009

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