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  Wednesday, June 10, 2009

  Largest jambalaya-world record set by Jambalaya Festival

  GONZALES, LA, USA-- Jambalaya Festival Association cooked a giant giant jambalaya using a a 7-foot, 8-inch pot; they served about 3,000 people and set the world record for the Largest jambalaya.

    To cook the world record jambalaya, Jambalaya Festival Association vice president Kyle Frederic and 2006 World Champion cook Mike Gonzales organized more than 50 volunteers.

   The pot, which measures nearly eight feet across the top, had to be transported by a forklist. The pot required several people to stir at once. Nine-foot paddles were created so the jambalaya could be stirred.

   The pot was so big that a trench had to be dug out to place it, and a huge fire had to be build to heat up its contents.

   The recipe included 1,200 pounds of pork and sausage with 300 pounds of onions, 3 gallons of salt, 16 cups of red and black pepper, 20 pounds of garlic and 100 gallons of water.

   Meetings were held to perfect the recipe and organize the volunteers needed to get the job done. Paddle and fire captains were named and volunteer secured.

   Several past champions and helpers took part in the big pot project.
   After three hours of cooking, the jambalaya was ready to serve.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

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