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  Friday, June 26, 2009

   Largest Napkin collection-world record set by Marilyn Boyle

   South Salem, USA -- Marilyn Boyle, 70, has 6,652 paper napkins, organized in 26 alphabetized categories, from airlines to weddings-setting the world record for the Largest Napkin collection.

   Photo: Among the categories of her collection are the obvious, such as baby showers, birthdays and holidays. One of her favorite decorations is flowers, with 815 napkins catalogued. Photo by Capi Lynn / Statesman Journal   (enlarge photo)

   Boyle is thinking of creating subsets in some categories pansies, roses and poinsettias in flowers, for example "so it wouldn't take nearly as long to find out what I have and what I don't have."

  Boyle has 1,581 napkins from restaurants, the largest category. She proudly reports that she has 68 different McDonald's napkins.

   The most valuable napkins in her collection are probably the two that were given to her by a great aunt. They are adorned with a small floral print one purple and the other bluish-green and look more like sheer hankies. Based on information from her great aunt, she estimates the napkins are now more than 100 years old.

    Others that have special value include those that are autographed, by the likes of Gov. Tom McCall, jazz legend Stan Kenton, and track-and-field star Renaldo Nehemiah.

  Boyle, has been collecting since second grade. She and her sister had the urge to collect something and went to their mother for advice.

   "She gave us the idea," Boyle said, "and we went for it." Her sister eventually gave up the hobby, but she kept at it, through marriage, motherhood and now grandparenting.

   There are napkin collectors all over the world, including Brazil, Hungary, Romania and Turkey.
  Boyle really didn't start keeping inventory until July 1963, when, according to a handwritten chart, she had 709 napkins in her collection.

   Six years later, the collection had grown to 1,257. She has had lots of help over the years from family members and friends, who never have to fret about finding the perfect souvenir to bring her back. Any napkin will do.

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   Friday, June 26, 2009

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