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   Largest privately owned auto collection-world record set by LeMay Museum   
  TACOMA, WA, USA -- Harold and Nancy LeMay amassed in excess of 2,000 vehicles and thousands of artifacts which were donated to the LeMay Museum-setting the world record for the Largest privately owned auto collection.

   Photo: Some of the LeMay car collection is currently housed in a facility in Spanaway. Photo by DREW PERINE/The News Tribune   (enlarge photo)

In 1998, Harold and Nancy LeMay formed the 501c3 charitable organization, The Harold E. LeMay Museum, and committed themselves to donating the vast LeMay Collection to the Museum for the benefit of the public.

 The LeMay Museum was chartered to secure, preserve and interpret the valuable LeMay Collection, along with additional vehicles and artifacts that it may acquire, in order to explore the broad themes of American mobility and lifestyle in an instructive and entertaining manner.
  The magnitude of the LeMay Collection, and its power to relate the story of the American experience with the automobile, demands a new paradigm in transportation museums.

    The new museum will be an inviting place, eliciting memories and stories from those who visit. It will provide a venue to explore history, design, technology and restoration. In short, the museum will create “America's Auto Experience” and become a world-class tourist destination in its own right.

   A gleaming beacon above the city of Tacoma's growing city, LeMay – AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM® will be a technologically advanced, interactive automotive museum and educational center that will showcase the cultural impact of cars, motorcycles and trucks on our uniquely American way of life.

   Based on the LeMay Collection, currently consisting of over 2,000 cars, the new Museum will ultimately house 1,000 diverse vehicles, spanning a century of automotive history and the future of our transportation system.

   Upon completion, this $100 million project will be the largest auto museum and attraction in the world, and will bring an estimated 500,000 visitors and some $34,000,000 to the local economy annually.

   Nancy LeMay is thrilled with the plans for the Museum's future home. “Harold would love the design, the way it suggests a car, and most importantly, that it is designed to become a gathering place for the community. I believe this is a great vision and that we can and will get it done”.

    LeMay Auto Museum Slideshow

   LeMay Automotive Museum Slideshow Part 2

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Saturday, May 9, 2009 

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        Largest privately owned auto collection

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