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   Largest Mickey Mouse collection-world record set by Janet Esteves
 PALM CITY, FL, USA -- Janet Esteves, 53, a retired teacher has spent more than 30 years collecting 2,760 Mickey Mouse-related items-which sets the world record for the Largest Mickey Mouse collection.

   Photo: Most of the Mickeys are artfully arranged inside the couple’s 2,900-square-foot Palm City home.    (enlarge photo)   

   “I’ve been fascinated by this guy ever since I could remember,” she said.

    The house is equipped with a state-of-the-art air filtration system, but Esteves still spends hours picking up each one, dusting them, talking to them and yes, giving them a quick peck on the nose.

 The mouse is everywhere— on shower curtains, snow globes, bedspreads, music boxes, dishes, instruments, cookie jars. And that’s not counting the hundreds upon hundreds of figurines. You could look all day and never find a duplicate.
   It all began in 1971, when her mother brought home a porcelain ornament of Mickey dressed as a clown. Esteves was drawn to his smile, which radiates his love of life.

   Husband Jose, 57, appreciates the mouse as well. He’s amassed a collection of his own Mickey figurines in ‘Star Wars’ mode: Mickey as a rebel fighter, Mickey as a Jedi knight. His wife doesn’t care for them because Mickey’s trademark smile is replaced by a fierce scowl.

   "It's quite a sickness, really," said daughter Julie Esteves, wearing a Mickey Mouse jacket. "Yeah, it's a disease," said her mother, who wore gold earrings in the familiar three-circle configuration representative of the rodent. "And it's all because of this obsession I have with Mickey Mouse."

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   Sunday, January 11, 2009

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