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   Most Birthday cards received-world record set by Shane Bernier

[June 12] OTTAWA, Canada-- With the help of Israelian Embassy in Ottawa, eight-yeard-old Shane Bernier  has set a new world record for most Birthday cards received: five million Birthday cards from people in 36 different countries.
   More than 20 thousand Israelis helped the Canadian boy last week to fulfill his birthday wish of breaking the Guinness Book record for number of birthday cards received.

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   Officials at the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa were informed earlier this year about Shane Bernier, who is suffering from cancer, and his quest to set a new world record.

    Touched by the young man's story, the Israelis immediately got to work recruiting their countrymen to write birthday greetings to Shane. The campaign was significantly boosted by the embassy's purchase of a large ad in Israel's largest daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot.

    By the time Shane's birthday rolled around last week, he had received more than 20 thousands cards from Israelis, and the embassy said more continue to flow in. Shane and his mother later visited the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa to meet his benefactors.

   In all, Shane received more than five million birthday cards from people in 36 different countries, though Israel was the only country where government officials initiated a public campaign to assist the boy. He succeeded in setting a new world record for number birthday cards received.

   The Israeli Embassy was honoured to have Shane Bernier on site to collect the over 5,000 birthday cards that have arrived from Israel to help fulfill his wish of receiving the most birthday cards in history.

    Shane was given a brief tour of the Embassy before meeting Ambassador Alan Baker and Deputy Head of Mission Amit Gil Bayaz, who presented Shane with an overwhelming number of birthday cards that have arrived from Israel, and which continue to arrive weekly.

   Despite Shane’s diagnosis with acute leukemia, he appeared positive and courageous and the Embassy staff wish him a speedy recovery on route to fulfilling all of his dreams.

   Video with Shane Bernier's wish:


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